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God of War - Freya's Dinner


Officially licensed print, "Freya's Dinner", based off "God of War". Created in conjunction with Santa Monica Studios and The Poster Posse.

Available here:

Fine Art Giclée Print

Timed Edition:  From 12/15 - 12/23 noon PST

Size:  18" x 24"

Printed on high-quality Moab Entrada natural paper

$40 (shipping additional)

***Please allow 3-4 weeks for production and shipping from our vendor***

Frames for display purposes only; not included

INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING:  Check-out will automatically charge a flat fee of $25, which is for USPS International First Class-Uninsured

Officially licensed through Sony Interactive Entertainment LLC.  PlayStation and God of War are registered trademarks of SIE.  All rights reserved.  ©2018

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I love the fact that both Kratos and Freya's hands are inching closer to the knife on the table. As if they know a fight is about to break out.

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This is so f'ing good!
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Atreus:" Dad, can he come in too?" Kratos: No. We've talked about this. Brok: Your pop's right, sonny... How the Hel do you think the big sunnuva bitch is gonna fit in ere? Kratos: The Dwarf is right boy.

Sindri: My brother's breath is bad enough.. Odin only knows how many raw fish that thing has on his breath.

Kratos: The serpent will be fine, boy. He's having his own feast. Remember those two ogres that tried to assault us? And Hel's bridge keeper?

Sindri: Ogres.... and the Troll?

Kratos: Yes. Why?

Mimir: Ah! The one whose heart your father removed and ground up for Freya to make the medicine. We spent a time cleanin' your father's armor..

Kratos: "We?" I believe I was the one who did the work of cleaning it off, head.

Brok… " Yeah... your old man gutted that troll like a fish. I was watching the whole thing... You shoulda seen how he... Brok, having no filter goes into graphic detail describing the butchering of the troll"

Sindri: I'm going to step outside briefly..."

Magni: If he ain't eating, I ain't gonna let it go to waste.

Baldur: Would you MIND chewing with your mouth closed?

Andvari: ….. *Says something rude to Brok*

Atreus: He says you're a mother....

Brok: I know that the bastard said... But I wasn't the one that put him in there!

Andvari: Screeches again

Everyone laughs, even Kratos.

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And guess who's sitting at the "head" of the table.

Baldur: I'll deal with you later, mother, but food first.

Yeah stolen from the comment below 👇
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Okay, this is LOADS of fun to look at ;) :XD:
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i can see this leading to major Fiasco fight. XD
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Brok: Too bad you don't have a mouth.
Andvari: *screeching*
Modi: Heads up, half-breed.
Baldur: I'll deal with you later, mother, but food first.
Freya: You're safe, Hildisvíni.
Kratos: Boy, you can read later.
Mimir: *blow*
Atreus: Yes, father.
Sindri: So unsanitary.
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Jormungandr (In Jotunn language): This would not even begin to fill a stomach my size.
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Thor: I wish I can eat, but I gotta keep acting in endgame.
SpawnAlSimmons1987's avatar
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Don't forget the world Serpent... He can't come in either. The food, and even the people eating it wouldn't be enough for him. He's a loveable serpent though and the most threatening about him is his size, though he doesn't mean to cause floods and large waves. Kind comes with being that big.

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Silhouetted in the window? Aye, I think you're right. Didn't notice until I saw you're comment. Good eye, mate.
izahi's avatar
Thor outside watching sad 'cause he wasn't invited XD
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