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Friday the 13th Poster

By adamrabalais
Poster design for a fictional Friday the 13th marathon, including the entire arsenal of Jason Voorhees.

Prints of this poster and others are available in my etsy store [link]

Like me on Facebook [link]

**UPDATE**: This graphic is coming soon to a TeeFury shirt near you!
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© 2011 - 2021 adamrabalais
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SonicDashr22's avatar
Well played considering the fact the the second Friday is that day, sooooooo awesome
WeylandYutaniCorp's avatar
I've already started my own marathon, cause this year is Friday June 13th, the date of the first film and Jason Voorhees' birthday.
Vicentenog's avatar
Amazing work and inspiration, good man
chricko's avatar
Hahaha frigging awesome I love love love it.
Malopz's avatar
amazing, directly to favs!
XxCyBeRgOtHxX's avatar
My friend's b-day is gonna be this Friday XD
MARSHOOD's avatar
This reminds me of the Mechanic poster

Ercagutz's avatar
This movies are great!!!
Jason Voorhees!!!
imediacreatives's avatar
Nice !!! Fantastic Ideas..
ChuckRamos's avatar
Pretty badass, dude!
EvilGermanTier's avatar
Awesome idea with the instruments of death making his mask. Awesome.
NSSanchez's avatar
AWE struck this is the best poster i've seen in 25 yrs of watching the F13th movies...KUDOS.

kieranmasterton's avatar
Hey, seriously cool poster. I hope you don't mind I just posted this over on my blog ([link]). Obviously I've linked back to you and your Etsy store. Anyway, great work!
adamrabalais's avatar
Thank you! I don't mind at all. Thanks for featuring me. :)
Buddhablakk1293's avatar
I just found my birthday present to myself, lol. Hope you still have prints available
adamrabalais's avatar
Haha. Happy Birthday! And I most certainly do.
JoelLolar's avatar
Just bought this from teefury. Love your alt. movie posters!
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