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Cinematic Psychopaths: Psycho

My design for Hero Complex Gallery's 'Young Guns' show. Part of the Cinematic Psychopaths series.

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Far more inspired than most modern film posters. Hollywood should hire you for posters this good.

a sexy, wet, naked woman and a man with a blade that is phallic in nature, extremely erotic. add the curtain could almost be the hymen. 
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Very nicely done!
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I think she forgot to lock the doors 
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You're an amazing artist! You always goes to the essential :iconbravoplz:
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Brilliant, Makes me want to watch the movie again
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Wow, that's such a great poster!:clap: The mostly greyscale picture fits very nicely and I really like the noise. It reminds me a lot of old, grainy films. The two different reflections of the murderer are an awesome idea and the fact that you're seeing this from the perspective of Mr. Bates gives me the creeps - as is fitting ;)
The only thing I'm missing - and that's really no big deal either - would be some steam rising up from behind the shower curtain.
Amazing work!:worship:
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This is incredible! The two different reflections of Mrs and Norman Bates in the knife and the mirror are a stroke of absolute brilliance. So imaginative! And the perspective is spot-on.

The only thing that I think could be better is the pose of Marion in the shower. With the way her legs are positioned, there's a sense of action, expectation, and nimbleness about her, which takes away from the horror because it makes her seem like she'd be ready for the attack. If she was just standing in the shower as if totally distracted and relaxed, it would be scarier and convey that "the audience knows more than the characters" aspect of horror more strongly.
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Thank you so much! And I actually agree. It was done strictly for a clear silhouette as I found her actual stance from the film to be a little too much like a grey blob that wasn't quite as exciting or obvious. I could have probably found some middle ground that made her seem a bit more vulnerable. Good call.
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Ooh, that makes sense. I can see the logic in that for sure. :)
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Wonderful.  Captures every element of the classic movie.
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This poster is just fantastic in every way. I'm in awe.
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