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Alien Poster

By adamrabalais
Alt poster design for Alien

Prints of this poster and others are available in my etsy store [link]

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© 2012 - 2021 adamrabalais
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Galinas-Claim's avatar
Very, very cool!  Great minimalism wrapping up so many details of the story.  Excellent work!
Sifer-rpg1's avatar
Holy shit. My new favorite poster for my favorite movie!
Tedzey71's avatar
Human, Alien, and Robot blood. Brilliant!
Skullgrin-140's avatar
Simple and creative, Damn good work.
Oh my Good Lord Yes!

You acheived enlightenment the moment this was complete, didn't you?!

Like several stated; the idea and the execution are nothing short of spectacular! I feel like a better person having laid my unworthy eyes on this.
komozeck's avatar
yesterday i saw it on another site and i love it, bravo my friend.
QuantumInnovator's avatar
I like the three trails of blood, red human blood on the left, orange alien blood in the middle, and white android blood on the right.
Pushok-12's avatar
that is awesome
JasonChapman's avatar
you my friend, are an effin' genius!
daveraven's avatar
Love it! Great texture
Telesfone's avatar
Clap, clap, clever.
ShadyMark's avatar
Ah, Alien. The original and the best. All down hill after the first one. Bloody brilliant poster.
drMIERZWIAK's avatar
Great, very fresh and surprising take on Scott's movie.
nokdesigns's avatar
Great idea and execution :thumbsup:
thirdeyepl's avatar
Great one! Love the idea.
Tyukszem's avatar
He is not the only one android from whom such fluids are being
Wilyum101's avatar
Nice one !! Human - Xenomorph - Bishop ! The emo is for Bishop !
SapphireCrusader's avatar
Ash was the android in Alien. Played by Ian Holm, who was awesome.
Wilyum101's avatar
oooopppss ! My bad you are right ! wasn't paying attention ! Shows my generation ! I was focused on Aliens ! Major faux pas ! So embarrassed!
SapphireCrusader's avatar
Hey, it's all good. Alien and Aliens were two good movies, so I don't think you'll be burned at the stake for making an error.
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