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:iconadamlhumphreys:adamlhumphreys posted a status
I've had to keep up with the latest episodes, and without giving away any particular spoilers, let me say that I completely loved episode 23! :aww: And that episode 22, (which I actually saw afterward), definitely took an interesting creative turn that I think I quite like. Or let's at least say, it has great potential. :iconajhmmplz:

The most spoilerest thing I'll say about episode 22 is that Cozy Glow has some real potential. :greetings:

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Ferngirl Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Whoa, I didn't even know there was a new season XD
I'm always behind
adamlhumphreys Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2018  Professional General Artist
Hehe. ^^ Only one more season left as far as I understand. 9 whole seasons. :O
AleximusPrime Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
I just saw ep 23 and that was really good and I loved the lesson!  The lesson almost kinda felt like it spoke about how important free speech is which I was surprised that they were willing to tackle that concept, especially with the part about how you shouldn't give up happiness through speech just to spare you from hurting others feelings or getting angry.  :nod:
adamlhumphreys Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2018  Professional General Artist
Too true. As was said, it'a all a matter of how you deal with your anger. I think that would exclude both lobbying against the group one hates hate in an effort to control their lives and push their agenda on them, and of course gunning them down in unreasonable, uncontrolled, shortsighted, or blind rage. Nothing like good 'ol reasoning together, even if things get verbally heated. :)
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