Season Finale Spoilers, YAY! … Even though I actually saw it almost 24 hours ago.

- Another finale centered around a magical threat, but at least instigated by a non-magical being. Okay, but I’m still waiting for an Equestria-wide non-magical threat. >_<
- Chrysalis wasn’t present. … :iconyusplz: Can’t break something that isn’t present. :greetings:
- Discord wasn’t present. … I suppose that could be written off as him chilling in his own dimension being completely oblivious to the events at hand. :hmm: I suppose the same could be said for the movie. (Boy he sure misses the fun.)
- The school has terrible security and staffing issues.
- Tartarus gets mail. Okay, but outgoing mail is also fine and not in any way flagged or checked. … Seriously!? For that matter, given how the door opens with magic, someone had to have let Tirek out the last time given either a portal or the door being open would be required. :iconajhmmplz:

- The tree of harmony is apparently immune to a magic sucking globe. … So I guess it uses geo-magic? Maybe the earth ponies have a real chance? :meow:
- Magical artifacts can void their own and all other magic through a portal/vortex. … Interesting.

- Twilight has her first failed student! :D
- Tirek has a new, (now permanent), friend! Aww, he’s already on his way to redemption. :aww: Eh, maybe not. :XD:

- The ponies at the school probably ought to attend a real school first? Or rather, why didn’t anypony bring attention to, (or at least notice), the logical conflict of Starlight being trapped under the school against Cozy’s lie that she left a note saying she went to help her friends? :iconapplejackreally:

- Given the above, why do the ponies have the magical artifacts of other races in their possession, (in one place nonetheless)? I had to recall them from A Matter of Principals. Celestia gifted them, but that leaves one asking, given the finale, how or why did she acquire them in the first place?

I like how many alternate endings this finale could’ve have, but would not have for obvious Hasbro and story reasons. If Twilight had insisted on checking the artifacts that Cozy had “cataloged,” she probably would’ve been the one in the magic globe. Cozy could’ve succeeded in one of two ways, either nopony would be the wiser not having a clue what had happened, or having known it, she wouldn’t be able to stand a chance against the royal guard, (even without their magic). Imagine, a new era of ponies without magic. Crazy. :O Brings back memories of Winter Wrap Up! :iconhappytwilightplz:

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Published: September 10, 2018
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LunarCakezStudent Filmographer
I was super surprised that Cozy wasn't Chrysalis! :O And I'm surprised she wasn't redeemed in anyway at all. She'll probably return again with Tirek's knowledge of how to knock down the door since he helped Twilight. o_O I also couldn't help but wonder what Twilight's explanation would be when her parents ask why she never came home... xD

"Dear Mr and Mrs Glow,
I am sorry to tell you that your daughter, Cozy Glow, was not able to come come home today, and probably won't... Ever. With a heavy heart yet great intention, it has been decided that she is sentenced to Tartarus for the rest of eternity. Do not worry however; as Headmare and Princess (of friendship), I ensure she will be fine and have plenty of evil monster friends to encourage and socialise with and I am certain she'll thoroughly enjoy her stay there evermore!
Regards, Twilight Sparkle.
P.S: Attached is the address to get there- good luck getting in! ;)"
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adamlhumphreysProfessional General Artist
...I guess that would have actually been somewhat unexpected for me given how she was introduced, not to mention Chrysalis had a little debut mid-season.
I was actually quite delighted with the ending myself. x3 And yes, my sentiments exactly. Oh boy oh boy, what a team they would make! :D The mane cast may have to pair up with Chrysalis just so she has a chance for revenge before they take it from her. :XD: I wouldn't bank on that, but that would be neat to see her again all the same. :)

Haha! I guess they'll just have to send letters like she did with Tirek. ^^ I could imagine, "Why Cozy? WHY!?" :icondashlolplz: Unless it could be something like, "Well, you tried." :iconapplejackwhutplz:
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LunarCakezStudent Filmographer
True lol. And YES that would be so amazing if that were to happen!! XDD
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adamlhumphreysProfessional General Artist
Hehe! Probably won't, but that's what fannon is for. :iconrarityknowsplz:
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