...For those of you who have to deal with these particular fools pushing for the utmost of absurdities, I wish you well. :iconapplejacksalute: We have our own to deal with here in the US, even if the set we have now is an improvement. ^^'
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Published: June 2, 2018
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MLPquang20-c|Student General Artist
The "killing of Net Neutrality" will ultimately still crash and burn since that repeal HAS NEVER EVER BEEN POPULAR WITH ANYONE.

The salvage of Net Neutrality will still be a given if we continue the spread the word about how much it has helped us for various reasons as well as why we all depend on a free internet and why we shouldn't even take it for granted anymore.
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adamlhumphreys|Professional General Artist
Time will tell to see what becomes of it, but I admit it could benefit from some more refining as opposed to simply slapping Internet under Title II which lacks details concerning network optimization for naturally popular sites. But it's not like the people behind the infrastructure don't know what the general public mean when they say they want a "free" Internet, so it'd be in their best marketing plans to pay close attention. :iconajhmmplz: We're paying for a general service, not a specific service tied to specific content/sites/channels/streams/etc. to the exclusion of others.
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this is apparently a hoax
which wouldn't surprise me because the internet will literally die if they allow that, + the fact that I haven't heard anything about this on the radio|TV
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adamlhumphreys|Professional General Artist
TBH, neither would surprise me. :hmm: But even if not, I imagine the enforcement would be laughable at best. And if so, click-bait really is the best seller sadly enough.

I know a lot has been said about "smart meters" which is technically feasible and possible, (such as tracking data regarding one's power usage, remote power shutoff, and perhaps later after more development, ones physical location). But I never believe in conspiracy theories because 1: it's not a conspiracy if everyone knows about it to the degree that it could even be found in public documents, 2: it's not a conspiracy if it's technically legal regardless of how undermining, underhanded, or even immoral it may actually be. So at least with regard to smart meters, data is obviously tracked because that's how we're billed, and the technical capabilities can be found in the datasheets for many meters, many which do support multiple RF protocols and remote shutoff. Not really a problem other than making the grid as vulnerable as anything else connected to the Internet, which seems too stupid to ever be called "smart." :iconapplejackreally:

So, I certainly wouldn't know about anything going on in the EU, but neither should it concern me too much. Globalists are free to take their leave from the fanciful idea they could control everything everywhere. Even our assumed govt. needs to heed the 10th Amendment, but nevertheless the world continues. :)
So if this is indeed a hoax, great! :D I know our issues with Net Neutrality wasn't technically a hoax, but regardless, it does seem to be a moot point in the scheme of things.
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