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Update Log as of Nov. 16, 2014, 8:12pm CST:
  • She must be in some laying, reclining, or seated position unless the water/liquid is too deep. (And obviously still bathing in the water/liquid.)

  • No intrusive watermarks on entries, especially DA’s watermark, (unless you give me the watermark free version, and no it wouldn’t be published :)).

  • Limit one entry per person.

  • Additional Scarf prizes! :D

  • You can see current entries here:…

Because I could stand to have my first contest for a change. :iconajawkwardsmileplz:

So, what’s the contest?

Chrysalis bathing. :D Now, onto details/rules:
  • She must be in some laying, reclining, or seated position unless the water/liquid is too deep. (And obviously still bathing in the water/liquid.)

  • She must be in a container of sorts, e.g., bathtub, barrel, giant cocktail glass, pool, cauldron, hot tub, water fountain, etc., whatever. Possibly a watering hole, hot springs, stream, pond, etc. would be fine too. :) But probably not a trashcan or dumpster. ^^'

  • She must be in her natural changeling state and not in disguise, (otherwise you could use anypony and say it’s Chrysalis :B).

  • Inclusion of interacting characters: I’m not opposed to people including other pony characters or their pony OC(s) bathing Chrysalis, but I don’t want it to feel like a shipping pic. That essentially means one must be enjoying it while the other is less than pleased. (i.e. Chrysalis enjoys it while the other(s) don’t, or other(s) enjoy it while Chrysalis doesn’t.)

  • Must be SFW. Now, I’d probably accept some mild suggestive stuff simply because it can be quite funny. But I don’t think any form of violence would fit, and certainly no foul language! :iconrarityissrsplz:

  • Medium/format can be digital, traditional, comic, or whatever. Though I confess I’m not too keen on paper models unless they’re done really well. But no pony creator thingies! Otherwise I don’t think there’s anything in particular that I wouldn’t like.

  • No intrusive watermarks, especially DA’s watermark, (unless you give me the watermark free version, and no it wouldn’t be published :)).

  • There must be at least 10 entries.

  • Entries must be linked via a comment on this journal post starting with something like “Here’s my entry:” just so I can tell it’s not just a link to a deviation with no relation to the contest.

  • Limit one entry per person.

  • Must be a finished work. I realize this is hard to qualify because of people being at different experience levels, but a quick 5 minute sketch probably wouldn’t make it unless you’re really adept. Of course it doesn’t have to be a super elaborate color work with a detailed background either. A detailed black and white piece or finished drawing could also work. A clean vector piece would work. Even a small collection of simple sketches would probably work! Simply put, I’m looking for good execution, and the more effort put into it, the greater one’s chances. Even if it’s kept real simple, a bit of cleanup would be good. I realize that’s a bit vague and hard to define, (and that artists are typically their own worst critics), but here’s some (I got carried away ^^;) examples, with bathing even. Keep in mind some of these are from well-known artists, but I didn’t try to pick their best works either and I’m certainly not expecting anything over the top, (but I won’t lie that it would greatly improve one’s chances). Obviously if someone did a comic I wouldn’t expect too much detail since there would be more than one panel. Use your best judgment. I’m sure for some it’s bad enough that I’m asking for something with water or liquid in some fashion. :iconrarityawkwardplz: : Chrysalis by ZymonasYH
    :thumb211438413: :thumb362494939:
    Bath Time by PrettyPinkP0ny Sketch Request: Footsies by Smashedatoms
    Rarity's Bath by PrettyPinkP0ny Chrysalis Dragon Form by Rayadra
    Fluttershy bathing by KP-ShadowSquirrel Green Hive II by Pshyzomancer
    Bath by Sokolas Chrysalis by gunslingerpen
    A Quick Bath by Neko-me Lovely Chrysalis by varijani
    Bath Time by McStalins My name is Chrysalis! by x-Princess-Cadance-x
    Bathing Ponies by TheSassyJessy :thumb481046831:
    Twilight, Pinkie and Gummy - Bath Time by mysticalpha Chrysalis by Saoiirse
    Dumpster Derpy - Bath by Nimaru Chrysalis under the spotlight by Dreatos
    The Royal Bath House by Lanmana :thumb353973986:
    Bathtime With Opal by Tess-27 Queen of Changelings by Chirpy-chi
    :thumb258964659: :thumb406679580:
    Milk Bath by GAlekz Banished by Konelozhtcev
    Rarity Bath by MrIcantdraw :thumb476900990:
    lotus bath by GashibokA Chrysalis Queen of the changelings by telimbo
    Rainbow Dash in bath by ichikaartwork The Changeling Queen by Cynos-Zilla
    Sombra Pie by AlisteRosenheim A Certain Queens Weakness by heartshielder1991
    Chrysalis - You were saying? by Ressetkk :thumb458515585:
    Yarn Ball by otakuap Perfect by atryl
    Mane-iac by 30clock I know it’s not Chrissy.

Some random ideas:

  • Chrysalis discovers her true skin’s color after a brief scrubbing.
  • Celestia is dumbfounded in the background by finding Chrysalis enjoying her royal private bathing chambers.
  • A sad Chrysalis bathing in the town square either alone or shunned by some townsponies.
  • CMC Changeling Queen Bathing, YAY!
  • After drawing straws, a changeling minion gets the short straw and the Queen is waiting.
  • The Breezies have a new visitor.

What’s the prize?

First place winner will have their choice of a normal sized Sweetie Belle, Applejack, or Raribat plush!
CMC Sweetie Belle Clones, YAY! by adamlhumphreys Applejack for sunsetsprint by adamlhumphreys Raribat! by adamlhumphreys

Second place winner will have their choice of one or two of these scarves:
Bathing Chrysalis Contest Additional Prizes! by adamlhumphreys

Successive winners will have their choice of the remaining scarves.

Now, onto details:
  • I’ll pay shipping if within the US.
  • International winners will pay the difference in shipping. (I’d pay the amount it would be to have a plush shipped within the US, and you’d cover the rest.)
  • If there’s substantially more entries than I’d expect, there may well be bigger and better prizes on a more creative based criteria. First place winner would chose first plush and second place the second plush, but we’ll see.

Deadline: Dec. 25, 2014; 8:00pm CST

I put a lot of thought into this crazy contest, nevertheless, if you have any questions or comments, please feel free to make them known. If you think this contest is a bit strange or weird, I won’t deny it! :iconpinkiepiesmileplz: Also, I’m going to mention :iconandrewdent: just because there’s a possible chance he might be interested in this contest and might even tell some people about it. :meow: I may also seek judges and/or employ polls depending on how things work out. :) FEEL FREE TO SPREAD THE WORD... :iconflutterermplz: if you want to that is.

Who would’ve thought this journal would take me all day to write? O.o

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Hope I didn't miss the deadline for this 0_0

Here's my entry anyways!