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Ponies, 3D, and light bulbs? Yes
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.:Trying not to cry - Redraw:. [Speedpaint]


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Hugging pony pattern WIP


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.:Trying not to cry - Redraw:. [Speedpaint]

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Bathing Chrissy

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Gasotron while working

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The Sound Of Silence - DA Statement

So Eclipse is ComingSEE MY LATEST JOURNAL ON THIS HERE: I'd like to organize a proactive event to show DA the possible results of a permanent Eclipse change-over. Instead of deactivating your accounts for good, or indefinitely boycotting the site, I'd like to make a Statement of Silence for those Users against Eclipse. Starting May 1st, I will not be active on Deviantart. I will not submit new deviations, journals or even visit the site for 3 Days time. From 12:00AM CST May 1st to 12:00am May 4th. (3 days) I ask all other Users who wish to keep old Deviantart to join me in this statement of silence. Not Only Is Eclipse Difficult to Navigate


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cutie :)


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Master Tigresss Chibi Custom Plush

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3D Batto (v2)


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Subpixels II


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Anyone interested in a Brother PE770 Machine?

Throwing this out there just out of curiosity. I have a Brother PE770 Embroidery Machine, that has sat in storage for about 3-4 years now. I know it has an issue, but I can not remember what it was or how severe. I believe it's either with the arm, or with the needle misalignment. I know it was something that I couldn't repair myself, and, being up north, I had no ability to take the machine anywhere to get it repaired, so I just replaced it when I upgraded to my current Pfaff. My question is to my fellow plush makers... does anyone want it for a repair/parts unit? I'd had to see it tossed if it's something simple that someone with a lot more knowledge than me (or access to a repair shop) can get it repaired on the cheap. I can get actual photos of the unit posted up in a day or so instead of this stock photo when I'm not so tired lol. It still has it's hoop and I can find it's extra bobbins, needles, and even a few rolls of special Brother brand bobbin thread I brought just for


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Gesture sketching. What it is and why to do it.

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Fancy Seeing You Here


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