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Trippy for my mom

Trippy, the Triple H OC pony for mom’s birthday! :D ...Finally finished it. ^^;
The flowers are a birthday gift from my sister. ^_^

As you can see, I used a different material for the mane and tail. … I actually think it looks quite nice. :nod: Forgot exactly what it was though. :XD: Got it at Hobby Lobby, not a lot of color choices though.
ALSO, forgot to mention, this is actually an older pattern as requested, H22, B24, UB21 respectively. :)

You can see some anthro WIP pics on my Patreon#0! (As well as WIP pics of a 17.5’ x 8’ shed I’m building. :meow:)

See more plushies here!

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not a huge fan of the pony world, but i always recognize quality plush making when i see it, and i always stop to appreciate it. everything looks so "plump" and soft, in the sense that it looks like it was made with a lot of care as to how the insides are positioned, the seams look so neat and tidy, and it almost *perfectly* matches the style of the show, and all in plush form! honestly incredible my friend, some high quality stuff in your gallery. i wish i had half of your talent lol.
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I very much appreciate your encouraging words mam! :thanks:
I'm still working on patterning when I can, but at the same time, for all the talent I have, plush, electronics, programming, and otherwise, still wish I could utilize it in an economically beneficial way. ^^;
Thank you! :iconraritysmilingplz:
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Aaaw, she's so cute!
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Glad you like! ^^
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aww that's cute!! :D! I want to do a plushie as a gift for my dentist. She is so amazing that she deserves a thank you really. Colgate would be the choice. Dad said that would be good and I love the detail you put into this plushie. She is so amazing and looks full of character and life! :)!! 
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Haha, awesome! :D
Well, I like that she's ultra simple in design. :iconrarityknowsplz:
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thank you and that's pretty cool! :)! I'm going to take a wild guess upon reading your description in your post about your Mom involved with horses was Trippy's name based on a Quarter Horse by any chance? :)! I'm glad she was fun for you to make. ^^ 
adamlhumphreys's avatar
Nope. Just a name off the top of the head. I made her, and she asked, "What are we going to name her?" ... "I've just been calling her the Triple H Pony." ^_^
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oh wow! Sometimes those names are best! :)  I often write descriptions off the top of my head too! :D That's really cool. I want to make an O.C soon I've been thinking of for a while. I have an idea of how i'm going to do this one. :) I'm glad Trippy worked out well ^^ 
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This is lovely! That's so super sweet of you <3 What's her cutie mark?
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TY! :D
It represents three 'H's for triple H, our "ranch logo" thing, and the letter our last names start with. :)
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Ooh, That's really cool C: A very personal way to tie it to your mother. That's awesome man :D
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Well, she came up with it years ago. It even sits above our metal gate in welded pipe form. ^^ (Oh, also she told me explicitly what plush she wanted, so it's not like it was a "surprise" birthday present. The biggest surprise what that I actually finally finished it, and on time! ^^;)
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Lol it's still super sweet. And really cool! 
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Oooohh. Very nice!
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