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SophieSew Tutorial 1

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View here! [link]
Second tutorial here: [link]

The embroidery program you love to hate. :D But really, version 2 will be awesome! :w00t: I just hope it stays free. :eager: With donations of course! :nod:

So, how does one use SophieSew? Well, I try to cover most of the basics in this first tutorial.

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Hi, thank you for your tutorial. I got a problem at the very beginning. When I used "create an image" and want to use the "right click on the frame" it doesn't work on my PC :( Neither with the included right click pad, nor with an USB mouse. Do you know what's wrong with that?
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Ehh, try the edge of the frame. Sometimes you have to get it just right. :)
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My biggest hope for version two (besides being free), is it crashing less often. Gosh darned SophieSew.
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:XD: I don't think that'll be a problem. :D But yeah, it's hard to encourage people to donate toward something of which the only current version that exists crashes so much. :icontwilighteyerollplz:
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Pretty much my thoughts! I save frequently so it's not really detrimental to my work or anything, but gosh if it isn't annoying. But it's still pretty great, so high hopes for the newer version!
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Absolutely! :la: Undo will be nice too. :meow:
At least the more you use it to understand it's nuances, the less likely it is to crash. At least that's been my experience, but funky stuff still happens. :nod:
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Oh yes, undo would be heavenly. I've had to resort to closing the program every time I mess up, rather tedious!
I've just started using it myself; and while it's easy enough to get the hang of, still learning what makes everything crash. I'll get there eventually, though.
Also, the ability to use the text function will be just fantastic.
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True, but the more you use it, the less mistakes you make. :D ... Sometimes... ^^'
No doubt. All I've done for text is trace my hand writing and break it up. But it's cursive, so I wouldn't expect that to be embroidered well even with a text tool. :O
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I'd imagine so!
I've only digitized text once, and it took forever to do; it was extremely tedious to complete, but I think it'll look nice when embroidered. Who knows! I guess we'll just have to wait and see. ^^
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So is it safe to down load.   Do you make your designs in SophieSew or can you import from an image created in windows paint for example?
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Well, I've been using it with no problem. ^^ Other than occasional crashing.
I always import a image, mainly JPG, to use as a guide for the actual embroidery design. :)
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Thanks.  will it put the design into a .pes or .dst format?
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.dst, which works, you just have to wait for the machine to load it after you select it. Now, version 2 will support .pes. :D If it ever releases. :stare:
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What stitch do you use for underlay and for the fill stitch? What density do you use? I'm having a hard time getting it right! It is either too tight and puckers or too thick and causes the thread to bunch up.
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Usually the default underlay, but I decrease the margin from .5 to .2. Density depends on the part and the color of fabric to be embroidered on, but usually 5.5 up to 7 stitches per mm. (A strange oddity though, in can be dramatically increased in the layer order window.) Stitch pitch is important too, which I keep consistently at 5mm. But really whatever finally works, and thread tension is important too. Someone found that decreasing it to 3 works best for them whereas I work at 6. Whatever you do, once you get what you like, keep your designs and machine settings consistent. :)
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I was just about to ask you what you typically used for density settings and found this comment. I gave these settings a try and my design looks awesome. Thank you! :)
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:XD: That's why the comments stay put for all to see! :D Now if only version 2 beta could finally release. ^^; At least I was thankful to hear it's still being developed, even if slower than anyone would expect is still better than nothing. It's not like the premise of the technology is going to change anytime soon. :)
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Yes, I'm definitely looking forward to an updated and hopefully less crashy SophieSew. :)
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I tried downloading Sophiesew, but once downloaded and I try to install it, I get a "corrupt file" message. I have tried downloading several times with the same results. Is there any other way to get the software to try?
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I got an embroidery machine for my birthday, and just got sophiewsew.
It's SO complicated... plus the tutorials on the official website need to be re-downloaded each time you want to see them and you can't pause/rewind.
Thanks for these tuts!
For some reason though, my sophiesew doesn't do the same stuff as you :/
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Awesome! :D
Well, it is complicated when starting out for sure. However, when I first opened Stitch Era Universal, (which was free until they turned and said "it will now cost you money!"), it was overwhelming. :O Thankfully I never got into it. SophieSew might be buggy, but at least it's completely free with no strings attached.

The official tutorials are a little lacking. I really need to remake these tutorials, but I want to wait until he finally releases version 2. :eager:

Huh, that sounds strange. What version of SophieSew are you using?
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I think I'm using 1.13?
And I jus understood that I can press the space bar to pause the tutorial...haha.
I'm slowly getting the hang of it though, and I just finished my first little pattern which hopefully will work...
I don't even anything.
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Well, that's the only available version I know of. ^^

Awesome! It'll take a bit to get used to. And even then, for every change you make to the thread tension, the thread you use, and the stabilizer you use, things can change. :O
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