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Protean8x2 Remote Controlled Incandescent Clock

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Going left to right from top: Fabrication (including my nephew's clock completed much earlier), programming/testing, and completed clock with all it's component parts after the last bit of fabrication (except I totally didn't think to include the IR remote).

The bottom simply shows it in action. Now the bulbs on the right are actually my "day" and "night" indicator bulbs using silicone boots. From 6pm to 5:59am, it'll use the night bulb on the bottom, and from 6am to 5:59pm, it'll use the day bulb on the top.

The colon blinks on for 3 seconds, off for 3 seconds, and off-on-off over 3 seconds right before it increments to the next minute.
Additionally, when the clock starts for the first time, it's 6:30pm, not 12:00am.

Power: 12V + 20V switching supplies. Little over 30W at full brightness and has a super dim night-mode as well! :D (Which I haven't used. ^^;)
Wood: Pine (Because I like soft wood, and I had it laying around. :XD:)
Board: Protean 8x2 V1.2 with 11 IRF9540 P-Ch and 5 IRF540 N-Ch FETs
Bulbs: Miniature Wedge #193 T3.25 (14 V @ 0.33 A)…

See the first clock:…
See the first clock's predecessor:…

Hope you enjoy it :iconalbinofluttershy:! I know it's not full 5x7 digits, but it gets the job done. :)
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AlbinoFluttershy's avatar
This looks cool.

I kinda like the use of 3×5 matrices here...

And the colored lights at the right? That's a neat touch you added.
adamlhumphreys's avatar
Glad you like! :D

It's certainly better in regard to my first one in that the bulbs being more inset don't bleed over to other pixels, but I think I probably should've still used 7/8" holes like I did the first time rather than 3/4" holes. :iconfluttershyshrugplz:

And yeah, I meant to mention in the description that the blue is awfully dark and hard to see. I have a couple purple miniature wedge bulbs in another piece I believe I've posted here. I'm going to try one for the night bulb and see how that works! :D
lcddisplay's avatar
That's awesome :)

What kind of MLP plushie is that in the top middle picture?

How are y'all doing?
adamlhumphreys's avatar

That would be a cute anthro Applejack by Gunbunny-haruko who used to be here on DA:
....But I'm pretty sure you've seen her the last few times you've been here. ^^ But maybe she's harder to recognize given the composition of that shot. :)

So far so good. How about y'all? Got all the things you need?
lcddisplay's avatar
Doing good. :) I'm tinkering with that old number thing again and put a composite video jack and buttons on it and put a speaker in it and plan on connecting the old video glasses to it! :D I found a Arduino video library that displays higher resolution video than the TV OUT library and got it working with the old video glasses. :)

Several years ago, I tucked all of the film connectors inside the viewfinder. :)
adamlhumphreys's avatar
Haha! Awsome. :D
Sweet! That's actually pretty incredible to hear. I can't imagine the amount of work that must have gone into developing such a library, but truly, for me the thrill is about pushing the hardware to it's limits, so that sounds like a golden find. :O

Ah, cool! That'd certainly make it a lot less susceptible to damage for sure! :nod:
lcddisplay's avatar
Also, I made the viewfinder run on battery power and put a power switch on the box. I sanded it to look like brushed metal and put a power indicator LED and video indicator LED on it! :)

The video input indicator also shows the pulse of the video signal! :D

I also got the old number thing finished up for the most part. :)

I wonder, can the viewfinder box handle being powered by a fresh new 9V battery, which might be slightly higher than 9V, like maybe 9.6V long term?
adamlhumphreys's avatar
Ooo, portable eh? Sounds like quite the nice indicators too! :nod:

Glad to hear. :)

...It's been a while, but don't I have that power going to a regulator? I think I used a plain vanilla transformer 9V supply, which would usually always be more than 9V if not 11V. Even if not, I don't see why not. 9V couldn't be for any logic, so I'd imagine there must still be a regulator somewhere for the logic. Now, I suppose it's possible it could change the contrast. ...I guess you'll have to try it. Maybe measure the current on the way in and see if there's any drastic change as you ramp it up to 9.6V.
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