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Pony Sewing Tutorial 5: Hand Sewing

:iconyoutube-plz:… :iconyoutube-plz:

Fifth video(s) in a series of sewing tutorials covering the methods I use to sew my plushies. This covers thread length, knots, ears, sewing the nostrils, tying simple semi-knots without cutting the thread, mouth, neck, and I mention the horn. You’ll notice I say “pin” when many times I really meant “needle.” ^^ I edited what I could to reduce the total tutorial length from 21 min to 15 min.

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You can see Lyra complete here:
Biped Test No. 12 Lyra for Zombies8MyWaffle by adamlhumphreys
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Do you get poked by the needle a lot? I certainly do.
adamlhumphreys's avatar
Sometimes, but not too much. My skin is a bit thick, my hands like coarse sandpaper, so it doesn't typically bother me. ... Yes, srs. :iconrarityawkwardplz: My biggest problem is splits, especially in the winter. I think that's why I had the Band-Aid on in this tutorial. :C
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Neat work^^
Just one question: how do you make the eyes and the cutie marks?
Found so many sewing tutorials yet never a tutorial about eyes/cutie marks.
adamlhumphreys's avatar
You can find more here:… :D
Though I really do need to remake the SophieSew tutorials. ^^;
Chibi-pets's avatar
thanks to share this with us! ^^ I will share in my tumblr! 
adamlhumphreys's avatar
No probs! And thank you! :aww: Interestingly enough, I'm finally getting around to posting a couple more tutorials today. Much shorter and simpler, but still something for beginners. :)
Chibi-pets's avatar
yay!!!! I still love your voice!!!! 
AwesomeAsIWannaBe's avatar
You're so cool! Not only are you great at doing what you do, but you also show other people how to do it. No offense to other great plushy makers, but you actually give out patterns and tutorials. magi hakuryuu icon  
adamlhumphreys's avatar
Much appreciated! :iconrarityishappyplz:
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I always wondered how other folks did their mouths. This whole time, I've just been embroidering them in along with the eyes. I'll try this on my next big one

Also, just a sort of editing criticism. Instead of always speeding things up like when you finish off a stitch, perhaps just use some cuts. I had to put that last part of the mouth into slow-mo just to see what you did (which incidentally looked like you messed up a bit).
adamlhumphreys's avatar
I have to say, embroidery is definitely quicker, and that's definitely a good option for beanie babies, but it's also a question of style too. :)

I can always make adjustments. Can you give me a time reference? Now, I will say I had a much harder time sewing with a camera in front of me than otherwise, so at some points I had to fix something but cut it out since it wouldn't happen under normal circumstances. :hmm: (I figured people wouldn't want to wait through it.)
TopPlush's avatar
Well like around 2:56 on the mouth video, you just speed through 'finishing it off'. You probably could have cut that part, or say, "Now we'll just finish it off like I showed you how to in X video". Like around :58 on the mouth one again, you just cut right to the end of finishing the nose. That helps to keep down on the clutter, especially if you mess up while sewing in front of the camera
adamlhumphreys's avatar
Ah, I gotchaya. Thank you! I'll definitely keep that in mind then. :nod:
BubbleButtPlush's avatar
i recognize her!! lol

she arrived yesterday!!! ^.^ i love her so much!! she has a few little holes, but she's a pattern test so im not bashing you or anything ;P
she's wonderful!!! ^.^
adamlhumphreys's avatar

Awesome! :iconraritylaplz:
Hmm, I don't particularly sew tests differently than I would anything else, so I'd really like to know where those holes are. :iconajhmmplz: If there's a potential for problems in either the sewing or the pattern, then it would be well for me to know about it. :eager: Could you send pics? :iconpretty-pleaseplz:
BubbleButtPlush's avatar
sorry for the late reply, 
the holes are at both ends of her buttcrack, which makes sense since there's a lot of pull in those areas, 
i took a couple pictures for you,
Wp 20150112 12 24 09 Pro by Zombies8MyWaffle  WP 20150112 12 24 56 Pro by Zombies8MyWaffle  they're difficult to photograph, but i can stick the round end of a pin into both of them, one will be covered up by a tail, and the other is easy to fix, it looks like a few stitches came loose on the one between her legs, 
they're both teeny holes, 
oh, and there's one on the base of her horn,
WP 20150112 12 26 43 Pro by Zombies8MyWaffle  i noticed part of it bulged out, and came to find another little hole,

im not trying to be picky or mean, just want to help you improve! as always ^.^
adamlhumphreys's avatar
Thank you for the pics. And actually I do remember having issues with the crack, but I admit I was a little less careful with the seam ripper since it was a test and just ignored that. I was a bit frustrated after my last two attempts. ^^ Nevertheless, as for the hole in the crotch area, the way the fabric comes together, that's actually by design (and partially inevitable) that I intentionally overlap the fabric but still sew accordingly to prevent it actually coming apart. (Of course I'm still trying to improve my design. :nod:)

As for the horn, don't forget that it's hand sewn on, not machine, and it isn't meant to be bent that way, not to mention the mane will be over it. So that shouldn't really be an issue.
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Great tut Adam! I didn't even know you had the series up there. Will definitely send people to it next time I get questions 
adamlhumphreys's avatar
:iconapplejackgaspplz: :iconapplejackhappyplz: Thank you! :glomp: :iconponyhugplz:
Because apparently I've done terrible job at promoting it myself. :iconrarityderpplz: The tutorial pattern I posted also linked to the tutorials. ^^;
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