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Pony Plush Tutorials and Pattern

To think I’ve had this thing since mid May and I’m just now getting around to posting it because I needed to finish some tutorials. :saddummy: Nevertheless, I thank the Lord that I was able to finally find the time to post it along with the tutorials. Of course there’s more yet to come! :eager:

Body Side is here:
Print these at 300 DPI and you should get right at a 8" x 10.5" print well within a letter sized paper.

:iconyoutube-plz:… :iconyoutube-plz:

In full 1080 HD! :D So you can see all the cracks in my hands. ^^'

I admit it’s probably not the best, but I tried. :iconrarityawkwardplz: Hopefully I’ll get better as time progresses. :nod:

Want an electronic plush kit to make your own LED Luna? Support me on Patreon! :iconpatreon-plz: :D

You may notice the premium download that costs points. It includes vector formats for Photoshop .PSD, Illustrator .AI, AutoCAD Interchange File .DXF, and Portrait Silhouette .Studio files. It’s also licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International, but purchasing it will encourage me to keep making tutorials even if you don’t use it! :la: I mean let’s be honest, this pattern isn’t all that hot. ^^;

Don’t forget my contest. :meow: It ends the 25th!

:thumb496480478: :thumb492979291: :thumb478984104: :thumb489372806: :thumb468434381:

See more plushies here:…
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Hey I wanted to credit you I used a piece of your pattern but only the front gusset for the head of my nyx plush it helps make a wider forehead but that's the only piece I used I usually use my own original patterns anyway is it alright with you if I make the front gusset a permanent part of my own patterns? Although I can't credit each and every plush it would be crazy plus I had a bit of a time finding you pls understand.

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If it's from this free pattern in which you've just commented, I don't see why that'd be any issue at all! Plus it's just a polygon. ^_^

It is I swear! it would just be so tiring to credit you for every plush pls understand and the reason I don't use patterns other than my own are cause I don't have a sewing machine and cause these patterns kinda confuse me but the front gusset came in sooo handy thank you for that I'll definitely using it in future plushies!

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Haha, no worries! You're quite welcome!

And have an awesome week! :D

No worries about not crediting every plush?

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Yup, no worries. :) It's just a polygon. ^_^

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i can i use it ?
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If you want to. It's not as good as my paid patterns, but sure. :)
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~ok thank you but i will make some for you if you want FREE ICON: Cute Mimikkyu Gabby the Griffon icon ~ 
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Oh. ^//^ You don't have to do that, but I thank you very much for the offer! :iconfluttershycanhasplz: :aww:
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~awwwwww ok im nice people how wants to make a plush but ok Markiplier Jumping Quickly ~
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Soo... how does the finished plushie by this pattern look?
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Some time ago I tried the pattern and took some pics to maybe help you out Sweating a little...
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:iconrarityslappedplz:... I actually don't believe I even possess one! :iconapplejackwhutplz:
This being such an excellent question and yet, I can't believe I've never posted or even recall taking a picture of the finished product! :iconrarityfacehoofplz: (I actually finished it right before giving it to a family for their newborn since I finished the tutorials using a different plush much earlier.)
If you watch toward the end of the 4th video, you can get a fairly good idea of what it looks like. I admit it's not as good as my paid patterns: But it gives a feel of working with the patterns in general for those new to sewing plushies.
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You forgot the outer body!
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Reading is awesome! :icontwilightshappyplz:
And thank you for the fave! :thanks:
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Nu prublem! Ur plushie are amazing!
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My printer only lets me print at 600 dpi will it still work?
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Even the screen resolution of 72 dpi would be more than enough. It's not like it's a very photographic image. ^^
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Thank you so much now i know how their made :D Heart 
adamlhumphreys's avatar
And thank you much for the faves and watch! :iconfluttersqueeplz: I’ll try not to disappoint. :iconfluttershysaluteplz:
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Do you have a alicorn patern?Chibi Big Macintosh Icon Twilight (Cute clap) Plz 
adamlhumphreys's avatar
I do! :D ... But I haven't had the chance to make it available yet. ^^; I'll also be making my first Nightmare Moon in the hopefully not-so-distant future! :eager:
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