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Pony Mare Laying Plushie Pattern 05

:iconetsyplz: You can purchase this pattern on Etsy: Pony Mare Laying Plushie Pattern 05#0

Also see my anthro pony pattern on Etsy: Anthro Pony Mare Biped Plushie Pattern 09#0

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──◊──┤ Description: ├──◊──

Laying/reclining pony plush pattern! A special thanks to those supporting me on Patreon at

This pattern, (two PDF documents), includes a basic set of instructions on 4 pages and 4 pages of pattern pieces which include:
►Body pieces
►Head pieces
►Unicorn horn
►2 options for open pegasi wings
►Closed pegasi wings
(Manes, tails, and/or embroidery designs not included.)

This pattern is designed to work with minky fabric or any fabric with a similar stretch. Using different fabrics will likely yield different results. The instructions assume some basic knowledge of sewing, but the pattern itself isn’t particularly a beginner pattern. Nevertheless, I’ve made tutorials available to help with that! :D

The resulting mare plush size should be approximately 16" (34.3 cm) long from hoof to hoof when the pattern is printed at 100% actual size.

H25, B05, UB05 explained: ‘H’ = my head pattern, ‘B’ = body side, “UB” = underbelly and under-legs. Numbers represent the respective version of each part.

──◊──┤ Materials and Tools: ├──◊──

►A working sewing machine
►Hemostats (for stuffing)
►Quilt batting
►Poly pellets or some small gravel
►Insulated copper wire or hobby wire to support wings if necessary

►3/4 a yard of minky fabric (or similar preferred fabric)
►Polyester fiber fill stuffing (or preferred stuffing)
►Needle, thread, and pins. (Of course! ^_^)
►Fabric marker/pen

──◊──┤ Usage Policy: ├──◊──

You can use this pattern for unlimited personal purposes and/or limited commercial purposes, (limit of 60 plushies per calendar year). You can make alterations, modifications, and changes to this pattern for personal use. Credit given to me, Adam L. Humphreys, for use of this pattern, in part or whole, would be very much appreciated! :)

Any digitally downloaded documents, patterns, and files, (including but not limited to PDF files and embroidery files), may not be sold, reproduced, freely distributed, or used for production by a company, factory, or manufacturer.

I shall not be held liable for any injuries or damages incurred as a result of using this pattern or instructions. Just be careful and always use common sense.

──◊──┤ The Future: ├──◊──

Would you like to see more patterns? What about embroidery files?
How about learning to make plushies with sound and lights?
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SnibsSnibble's avatar
Does that pattern come specifically in that color or can I possibly get a commission for some other pattern? If so how much would it be?
Ahhhh I really want it but I don't have the money rn, but j really want laying down type plush is so I might buy in the future 
adamlhumphreys's avatar
I hear you there.
And I was wondering if you could figure out how to make a dragon wing, I'm new to sewing and can't make a pattern to save my life x'D
adamlhumphreys's avatar
Well, I have made a bat wing of sorts, but the method of sewing the pattern seems wonky to me. :hmm: I basically sew it as I would anything else despite the seam bends, and then just sew together the seams where the limb separates from the membrane. Fortunately, the pattern itself is fairly straightforward being mostly 2D. :)
SpiceAndDragons's avatar
Very nice job. I am very glad that you keep releasing these patterns. For me figuring out the pattern is the hardest part of making them.

Keep up the good job.
adamlhumphreys's avatar
No probs :D, and thank you very much for the encouragement! :thanks:
Heh, sorry for the late reply. ^^
modesty's avatar
Thank goodness. I was trying to work this pose out myself...but I'm awful at pattern making. (Not great at pattern sewing much yet either. Thanks so much! Making giant OC plushies. ^^
adamlhumphreys's avatar
Glad to help! :thanks:
Awesome! ^^
TrashKitten-Plushies's avatar
I love it! just seeing it makes me want to make a pony plush salmon heart bullet 
adamlhumphreys's avatar
Much appreciated! :iconapplejackhappyplz:
Dawning-Love's avatar
Beautiful pattern! If I were you though I would consider doing the front hooves a little different, because where the flat parts are make them much shorter then the back legs. ^^
adamlhumphreys's avatar
And I see what you're saying. They do seem a small bit shorter. In part it's probably that funny cartoon anatomy and that curve. There's no real "shoulder," so the pivot point is different for the back and front legs. But in taking a closer look, I'm prone to say the back legs may actually be 9% longer in proportion. :XD: Thank you for the feedback! :D
SpartanS3M's avatar
What the actual fuck am i looking at?
adamlhumphreys's avatar
Technically it's a WIP pic of Charmant Romantique for Ne-chi when you really get down to it. Otherwise it's a pattern variant to go along with my Pony Mare Stallion Plushie Sewing Pattern 27 and Anthro Pony Mare Biped Plushie Pattern 09.
ArtDbait's avatar
very nice design. good job.
ReignBeaux-XIII's avatar
I love this pose :) Do you do commissions for ponies in this pose?
adamlhumphreys's avatar
RubioWolf's avatar
ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! *gasps for air* Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! MUST GET!!!!!!!
RubioWolf's avatar
Now i just need to decide who to make first :D :P
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