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Pony Mane and Tail Patterns 11 Pack!

:iconetsyplz: You can purchase these patterns on Etsy: Pony Mane and Tail Plushie Patterns - 11 Pack Pack#0

Also see my anthro pony pattern on Etsy: Anthro Pony Mare Biped Plushie Pattern 09#0

So, finally done with probably my last set of mane and tail patterns, (but by no means the final patterns I'll be making available). Things take quite a bit longer with a regular job in place. Next up I plan to publish is a filly pattern, Luna pattern, and NMM pattern, (perhaps without instructions since they're so much like the other body patterns I've already made available). Please considering supporting me on Patreon#0! :iconpatreon-plz: I'm still doing stuff, just at a snails pace. ^^;

──◊──┤ Description: ├──◊──

Pony Mane and Tail plush patterns! A special thanks to those still supporting me on Patreon#0

These patterns, (two PDF documents), includes a basic set of instructions on 5 pages and 29 pages of pattern pieces which include:
:iconmlpderpyplz: Pony Forelock, Mane, and Tail
:iconhappylyraplz::iconroselucklolplz: Pony Forelock, Mane, and Tail
:iconbonbonplz: Pony Forelock, Mane, and Tail
:icondj-p0n3: Pony Forelock, Mane, and Tail
:iconmlpoctaviaplz: Pony Forelock, Mane, and Tail
:iconomgspitfireplz: Pony Forelock, Mane, and Tail
:icontrixiewhatthehayplz: Pony Forelock, Mane, and Tail
:iconnurseredheart-plz: Pony Forelock, Mane, and Tail
:iconlightning-dust-mlp: Pony Forelock, Mane, and Tail
►Westin Pony Forelock, Mane, and Tail
►Green Comet Pony Forelock, Mane, and Tail
►Bonus: Beanie Baby Style Derp Pony Forelock, Mane, and Tail
(Body and/or embroidery designs not included.)

These patterns are designed to work with minky fabric or any fabric with a similar stretch. Using different fabrics will likely yield different results. Flat style pieces will see minimal stretch change. The instructions assume some basic knowledge of sewing, but general tutorials are available to help! :D

The resulting forelock, mane, and tail plush size should be proportional to a mare plush size of approximately 13.5" (34.3 cm) when the patterns are printed at 100% actual size. Patterns should also work well for a mare plush size of approximately 18" (45.7 cm) when the patterns are printed at 133% actual size.

──◊──┤ Materials and Tools: ├──◊──

►A working sewing machine
►Hemostats (for stuffing and turning things right side out)
►Quilt batting

►Minky or similar preferred fabric (amount varies with each forelock, mane, and tail set)
►Polyester fiber fill stuffing (or preferred stuffing)
►Needle, thread, and pins. (Of course! ^_^)
►Fabric marker/pen

──◊──┤ Usage Policy: ├──◊──

You can use these patterns for unlimited personal purposes and/or limited commercial purposes, (limit of 60 plushies per calendar year). You can make alterations, modifications, and changes to this pattern for personal use. Credit given to me, Adam L. Humphreys, for use of this pattern, in part or whole, would be very much appreciated! :)

Any digitally downloaded documents, patterns, and files, (including but not limited to PDF files and embroidery files), may not be sold, reproduced, freely distributed, or used for production by a company, factory, or manufacturer.

I shall not be held liable for any injuries or damages incurred as a result of using this pattern or instructions. Just be careful and always use common sense.

──◊──┤ The Future: ├──◊──

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Can't wait to try some of these out! <3 thanks again :D
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You're very welcome! :thanks: