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Octavia 1/2 for Blitzkrieg-Buck and CobaltDrake17

My first Octavias! :iconoctavialaplz::iconoctavialaplz:

These cello playing mares go to :iconblitzkrieg-buck: and :iconcobaltdrake17:. Yes, I totally copy-pasted the description from Derpy 1 & 2. :XD: But does anyone notice anything different? :iconrarityknowsplz:

As always, criticism and feedback welcome. ^^

:iconnewprincesslunaplz: Luna :iconprincesslunahappyplz:

:icondjpon3: 18" Vinyl :icondj-p0n3:

:iconmlpderpyplz: Derpy :iconderpyhappyplz:

:iconlunamadplz: LED Luna! :iconmostwonderfullunaplz:

See more plushies here!

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Nice stich work also dat flank lol but no seriously looks good.
Np I'm wanting to start making plushies my self so in browsing just though if was funny cause it's not just you the flash dos flanks I'm sure it's simply to show off the stitching like I said but yea I'm hoping to get really good but I need to learn to sow first. :/
adamlhumphreys's avatar
Cool! It does take a bit of time to learn. :nod:
Yea and you have to be ready for hurt fingers lol. So how long did it take you to get as good as you are now and did you learn hand sowing first?
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I went straight to the machine. More-less a power tool IMO, so you have to be careful with it as you would a saw, drill, etc. Started sewing in June 2012 with this as my first result:
Pony Plushie Test: Pepperdance by adamlhumphreys Plushie Test: Pepperdance by adamlhumphreys
Haha looks like you were a natural it's sadly better than some of the really bad ones iv seen. I'm going to be fought hand sowing first then machine once I master it. Mind you it hasn't been working out as my teacher has been forced to cancel the last 2 weekends but hopefully I start soon in hoping to get a part time job as well and when I start getting money I can buy my own fabric and practice. How expensive is fabric typically?
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Cool. :)
Minky is about $12-14 per yard. Fleece has a similar stretch for practice purposes and is about half as much.
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I think you are pretty much the most skilled plushy maker on da. Not even jokeing. I fallow a lot of them. I know of at leats one other that is about as skilled as you are but that's it. 

How much would you charge for something like this? Like seriously I am considering...
adamlhumphreys's avatar
Ha, I wouldn't even say the most skilled pony plush maker, (since that's all I've really made so far), but I do spend a lot of time perfecting the skills I have before learning new ones I suppose. I still have a number of techniques to learn in the real of plush. :D

Octavia is $360,… :)
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A lovely duo. :meow:
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Eeyup! :D Glad you like man, and thank you for the comments. :thanks:
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I noticed the difference! of course only after you said they were slightly different, but still counts right? They look awesome
adamlhumphreys's avatar
:XD: Definitely a subtle difference. :nod:
Thank you! ^^
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Honestly if i didn't know there was a difference between the two, I wouldn't have noticed. They look identical xD. well almost :)
adamlhumphreys's avatar
:XD: I agree. When I told my mom, she couldn't quite notice until I told her where to look. :D
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Whoa o-o
Well done! @_@
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Oh man I seriously cannot wait. Look fantastic man!
adamlhumphreys's avatar
Much appreciated! :iconapplejackishappyplz: And she's on her way! :D
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Oh wow!
She's gorgeous!
adamlhumphreys's avatar
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Very well done. Adam!
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