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Merry Chrysmas!

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It’s Chryssie Claus! :iconchrysalisawesomeplz::iconchangelinglaplz:But shh, don’t wake the foals or pupa and be on the lookout for lavender alicorns. :O

This was originally supposed to be part of a Christmas Pony contest (last year) by :iconphuocthiencreation:, but it was understandably canceled: I finished the line work, I did the color flats, then generally it say dormant for about a year. As Christmas rolled around, I decided I needed to at least post it. I was going to post it as-is with linework and color, but then I figured I could fiddle with it a bit more. So, about 10 hours of work later, I decided to call it finished. :XD:

Not too excited about the background, but I decided not to worry with it. Colored outlines was something else I could’ve done, but... Overall, I’d say this isn’t bad considering my last few digital pieces and how infrequent I do them:
Like A Bat Outta Tartarus
Wingless Flight
The Hangmare

Posted PNG because I figured most people quite like that. Plus it’s not a photo.
Next thing I need to finish up is chapter 10 of Letter from the Queen. :eager: (In addition to the rest of the mane and tail patterns I need to release.)

• Art © Adam L. Humphreys
• My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic © Hasbro
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Love it, Santa Cheese! Delivering to her friend Fluffle Puff!Fluffy Puff|My Little Pony|Lick|Slobber|Fluffle 
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Thank you for the fave sir! :thanks:
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Eeee, so cute. :)
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Heh, I'm looking forward to episode 13 of this season. :D
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Brr, need to start the fireplace. XD
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It is going to get cold here this weekend. :O
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