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Lifesize Anthro Chrysalis, 5' (Anthro #22)

Looks like the remote fell off before she got a chance to get it. :meow:

Only been working on this since April of 2019. >_< Oh well, at least it’s finally done! :dummy: My first life-size and my first Chrysalis!

Technical feedback is more than welcome! :D Though I would like to note :iconrococospade: has already provided a substantial amount of super helpful feedback. :thanks:

She lays 5’ long from hoof to head top. (Doesn't and wasn’t meant to stand. A frame would be needed for that.)

» Shoulders! :iconyusplz:
» Sheet holder. (Replaced my old green pillow as seen here: )
» Dust magnet. (…Okay, so not really useful, would’ve used Ash colored minky, but I had black on hand.)
» Static electricity/ozone generator. One swipe to try to wipe off some white fuzz and the sparks fly, (but you can only see them at night). You can still smell the ozone though. ^^
» Pony plush decoration! (...Okay, so maybe this should be first one listed? ^^)
» Accessories are all held on by and removable with magnets. No zippers or snaps.
» She can wear T-Shirts. :)

Eye design inspired by Venus by ecmajor.
I’d also like to thank :iconskeleion: and :iconvalleyviolet: for their faves on my previous test #20 ( ) as well as early feedback and support.
A very special thanks to my Patrons:
:iconrococospade: :iconvalleyviolet: :iconequinepalette:

» ...I still think the breast shape on it’s bottom edge sticks out a little far from the body?
» Still not too happy with the torso being so narrow, but given how the pattern rounds out, I probably don’t have too much say in that. I do plan to try one with wider hips/torso though to see how that works.
» I got lazy with the accessories and hair. Just not too motivated for those since they’re more of a distraction form the main project. :shrug: Hair is actually a wig and not sewn on, (so it’s removable). The next one will likely be a plain white-fabric test, also only 3' long. (EDIT: I just noticed I forgot the decorative lines in he hair, which is quite a confirmation of the aforementioned.)

An earlier WIP can be found here:

Previously posted version: Anthro Pony Test No. 20 (aka, Advanced Patterning)
Next version: 3' Anthro Octavia - Head 34, Body 23, Arm 06

See more plushies here!

PLEASE NOTE: This plush has no special "features." Thank you.
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Biiiiiiiiiiiig bug!

adamlhumphreys's avatar

Good thing it's not a bed bug. :XD:

Kyoshyu's avatar

...I think it would depend on why she's in bed, though. >_>

adamlhumphreys's avatar

Hm, looks like I tripped over my own joke considering the poor presentation I did. ^^' Perhaps more apt to say, bedbug or not, at lest she's not a blood sucker. ^_^

Kyoshyu's avatar

Haha, fair enough!

SydneyitsSydneyYo's avatar
That's so cute! Well done Queen Chrysalis 4 
adamlhumphreys's avatar
Thank you! :iconfluttershycanhasplz:
The next one will be a much smaller cutie. :D
valleyviolet's avatar
Dang, she turned out super impressive! 
adamlhumphreys's avatar
Thank you very much! :thanks:

Pictures could've had more variety though, if nothing else but to avoid unintended responses. ^^'
Bassline88's avatar
Damn, she's gorgeous, I have an incredible need for her.
Here, take a watch, you certainly erned it
adamlhumphreys's avatar
Thank you much for the watch all the same! :thanks:
Rococospade's avatar
The breast has an odd gap, yeah, but short of ladder stitching it down or modifying the pattern I'm not sure how to fix it. (And I really can't recommend the ladder stitch thing, because it will leave puckers. As my Mismagius hat can attest.) Also, I didn't actually notice til your artist comments got me to look, so... yeah. Her hair and horn came out fabulous, by the way, decorative stitching or no. Did you end up attaching the crown to her wig?
It was so cool to watch your progress on this over a year!
adamlhumphreys's avatar
That's true, a ladder stitch would do the trick! And yes, but a tight ladder stitch wouldn't be too bad.
Hehe, glad you like!
Yup, I did attach the crown to her wig.
Hopefully the next, smaller, one won't take quite as long depending on how things go. :O I also do plan to get back to your note, just been quite busy. ^^;
Thank you! :iconraritylaplz:
runner1's avatar
A Luna of this size is something I would certainly be interested in having. :D

Although I would rather her have hands over the hand-hooves though. Given the size and time taken I would imagine it probably wouldn't be too cheap for one of these would it?
adamlhumphreys's avatar
I do intend to make one at least 3' long. ^^

I would like to try out hands, as I think I can develop a pattern simple enough yet more defined than I've previously seen. That would be the goal at least. :)
Nope. Given my current employment status, it took me about 10 months to complete this one, which is one reason why I don't see myself making any more quite this size. :O

Also, thank you much for the watch man! :iconapplejackhappyplz: I’ll try not to disappoint. :iconfluttershysaluteplz:
CookieSkoon's avatar
Salt01's avatar

Nice work on this one man! :clap:

adamlhumphreys's avatar
Much appreciated! :iconapplejackhappyplz:
BB-K's avatar
Wow, she's hot and gorgeous.
adamlhumphreys's avatar
Haha, glad you like!
Wish I could've made a more complete dress and costume. ^^
AceWissle's avatar
Heh, nice work!

Willing to bet: Are there fuckable versions or do you plan any? ~~
adamlhumphreys's avatar

Well, can't say I shouldn't have expected such a question, or responses as seen on EQD. But nope, they don't exist, and there are no plans for any. :)
And actually, even from the time element alone, I don't see making another life-size plush of any style. :hmm: This was mainly a test to see if the pattern would actually hold up at this scale. I'm pleased that it does, but still not satisfied with the general pattern. Next test will be 3' long, (and might stand, but no promises). ^_^
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