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Incandescent Matrix Clock (Remote Controlled)

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It really looks best in person. :/ (Tried to get to look like it would in person though.)
:iconutubeplz: video here:

Spent a little long fiddling with the brightness, so you can see the minute change twice.
I initially built this incandescent matrix more-so for a single digit clock, but I figured two just made too much sense to pass up. I used my Protean 8x2 as the controller board, which you can buy on Tindie:…

(I’ll be adding a new product soon, a bare PCB called QuickTiny for those super simple projects where you just want something small to take care of the boilerplate stuff within a small footprint.)

Notice the hour is offset form the minutes to easily tell them apart.

It uses an old laptop 18.5V power supply with 9.84V bulbs, (#0947).

Rather than messing with an IR library, despite committing a few improvements to one on GitHub, I used one of those “5V IR Infrared Remote Decoder Encoding Transmitter Receiver Wireless Module DIY” on eBay. Simple serial, though it tops out at 57,600 baud. Still pretty convenient. Only good for the common NEC protocol though, but that’s fine.

For the PPS, or pulse per second, I used an ATtiny44 SOIC I already had on a board with a 32.768kHz watch crystal. It’s overkill, but I can always throw in something cheaper later.

I might make this a scrolling clock later, but next time, (if there is a next time), I’d make each digit separate and with a fixed colon like a classic digital clock. I also plan on having another font choice as well.
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Nice use of the single eggcrate prototype. In landscape, too!

I woulda thought of doing something with five digits in portrait, having the middle one show a colon separator. (Challenge for ya! Plus, gotta have that classic game show eggcrate font programmed in.)
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Glad you like man! :D I knew I didn't just want it to sit around, so I finally finished the driver and code for it.

Interestingly enough, I do hope to make at least a 3.5 digit clock with fixed colon. And only 3.5 because the board I developed has 16 channels, technically two banks of 8 for this, (5 for the rows and 7 for the columns, the others unused). But at least I could cut the traces on one end and then wire it for a 5x11 for 3 digits x 3 columns wide, (9 of 11), a '1' one column wide, and lastly, the colon, AM light, PM light, and a second-ticker light, one column, thus full utilization of my board. :la: But, hah! I don't see when I'll be able to get to that. :iconrarityknowsplz:
Very glad to hear form you! :iconapplejackhappyplz:
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Glad to see you're still doing electro.

And three 5×7 digits with a 7 bulb row for a 1 and several others for colon and indicators? That'd be nice. Matt the Wocky Daydream Emoticon by AlbinoFluttershy
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Oh, I'll always have an interest in electronics, even if I do need to get my anthro pattern done. :eager:

Hahah! Yes, if I had that many IOs, (or sockets, or patience). Actually, I may not have enough sockets? *goes to count* Heh, only have 26. ^^;
But nah, three 3x5 digits, a half digit for the '1' of hours 10-12, and yes, one more column for the colon and indicators. That would be one 11x5 IO matrix, 55 bulbs total. I think my idea was to reclaim the sockets I used for my two marquee light picture frames, which would be 16 sockets gain per frame.
While I could go the 5x7 digit route, that's a little too massive of a project I'm willing to venture into. (That would be 112 holes for 3.5 digits. :O) I'd like to play with addressable LEDs before I go there. ^^
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It's an interesting design. Best in low light setting.
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Glad you like! ^^ Yeah, I thought it would be also, but I tend to like it medium. At night dim would be awesome, but I just turn it off.
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How's your bulb matrix clock doing? How are you doing?
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Still working good! ^^ Hanging in there. :)
How about you!? :D
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I'm doing good. I figured out how to make a Raspberry Pi boot off a USB hardrive for more reliability. :) At work I connected a 230v 3 phase 1/2 hp motor that is in a fan to a transformer and a capacitor to make it run on a typical 120v outlet in your house! :D What do you think about MLP season 8?

Check out this video-

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Awesome! I'm sure that's a lot more convenient too. :nod: ... So you stepped it up and got it running on pseudo 3-phase, eh? Haha, sweet! :D
Well, we've had some pretty great and hilarious episodes. Grannies Gone Wild is still my fave from this season, but it's been a while since I've seen The Parent Map since I only watched the leak on it so far. It was the only one I watched the full leak because it only need minor polishing before going to final product. The mid-season "finale" was also quite interesting. I like how the the two groups never made noticeable confrontation, which was pretty neat. :O The end, being not at all unexpected, was also quite satisfying. :)
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Did you see that video that I listed above?
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Oh, whoops. Actually I totally missed it. ^^' I also forgot to mention that the only electrical thing I've done at work myself is install a dual switch in place of a single switch in the men's restroom so we can have separate control over the vent fan, (which I also replaced to use with the new switch). I basically asked about it since sometimes it's needed, and they asked if I wanted to do it, and I said "yeah!" :XD: So I'm glad to hear you have such opportunities at work as well. :D

...The 4th generation ponies will certainly not be forgotten for sure, but as with all video commentaries, who knows what will become of the next generation. :iconapplejackshrugplz:
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