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Embroidery Tips, Tricks, and Hacks



:iconyoutube-plz:… :iconyoutube-plz:

Here’s some stuff that would’ve been great to know before I ventured into embroidery. In this tutorial, I cover some basics, reuse of materials, common show stopper problems, and some not so common problems with the upper thread sensor and how to mitigate it. I’m hoping a lot of people find this video helpful! If you do, feel free to share the video link or click ads if you feel like it’s worth it. ^_^ Anything is much appreciated. :thanks:

Starting at 10:17 you’ll see a quick run-through of an eye at 16x normal speed until 12:29.

And yes, I know this isn’t about stuffing. I’ll get there! :eager:

Feedback is welcomed! :D Though I probably won't be changing this tutorial, I can certainly use feedback to make the new ones better. :)

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Thank you so much for uploading this! It will be very helpful and useful for me, when I start using a bunch of these free pony patterns, that I've been collecting. I plan on trying to make true to show cannon plush ponies as well as custom plush of MLP OCs. GIF My Little Pony - Jump 

I'm gonna start by trying out a bunch of these free pony plush patterns on here on DA and see what works the best for me. Even if I have to alter a pattern, I'm determined to do this! As I need to have a part time job of some sort, but I'm afraid to be away from my precious cat for too long. pink heart He's a snowshoe siamese and he always gets lonely if I leave for long periods of time without telling him.. That and I love sewing and MLP:FiM. Rarity encantada 

I hope that I can be as good as you! Because your plush ponies are simply amazing! pink heart I hope you don't mind if I watch you and get more inspiration!  Rarity (blink eye) plz