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Anthro Pony Test No. 20 (aka, Advanced Patterning)

[Pattern Update: ]

Height: 2' (excluding ears)

So, while I usually shrug off a lot of things I work on, this will not be one of them, as this shape wasn't by any means easy to achieve. :O

Nevertheless, I still have a few criticisms against it:
-Neck is a tad too thin in general, (or at least with respect to the arms)
-Bosom seems too big
-Waist is a little too narrow (which is perhaps why the bosom seems too large in comparison)
-Shoulders, what am I going to do with you!? >_< I thought a different approach I took with the arms would help, but they still lack the needed definition. I think I know how to fix it, but we'll see.

Well, there's my thoughts. My brother also gave me some helpful tips. But what are your thoughts? Feedback and criticism welcome! :iconraritysmilingplz:

A very special thanks to my long time loyal Patrons:
:iconemberfallplush: :iconvalleyviolet: :iconequinepalette:

Patreon :iconpatreon-plz: (No, I don't update it often, but it's still very much appreciated and acknowledged!)

And for those who have seen No. 08, yes, I reused the head!
Also, Happy New Year! :D

Previously posted version: Biped Test No. 13

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Hi Adam is this pattern available yet ? I see that was already asked and answered like 6 months ago but I thought many it’s available to buy now 😋

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Not yet, but if things continue like they have, maybe about this time next year, possibly. (Wish I had a much better answer, but the last test took me about 10 months to complete. ^^; Next tests will be smaller though.)
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Hi Adam, any update?
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I know qtpony recently made a post. I'm still working on my lifesize Chrysalis, (#22). I'm going to finish her to completion unlike my general tests though. I got the hair pattern cut last weekend, hope to actually sew it next weekend. Painting 3 outbuildings this weekend. (1.5 done, 1.5 to go! :eager:) Still a few minor tweaks to make, but looking good for life-size all things considering. :D

Chryssie WIP 3 by adamlhumphreys
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Looks great!
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Hi, do you sell this pattern? 
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Not yet, unfortunately. ^^; I've worked out the issues with the shoulders with test #22 :la:, but one last round of tweaks are still needed. I definitely want to move on form the body though so I can start on the additional species for the head and limbs. :eager:
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Good luck :) I will wait 
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Every time I wander off for a few months and then come back you've done something new and kind of insane, but epic. Great job! I just, I can't even, this looks like it took SO MUCH WORK AND TIME (and yeah, even accounting for the title). I'm not sure if it's been stated, but maybe the waist looks odd because it tapers in at the front, and usually female waists - especially when we're on tip toe like we're in pumps or, er, are ungulates - tapers sort of outward, almost like a bean. Presumably a sexy bean, but nonetheless a bean. I'm sure it's a moot point by now, as it's been almost half a year since you posted this, but I'll put the thought up anyway.
I'm particularly impressed by the breasts on this. They're actually, you know, breast shaped. They taper down and have a convincing shape in general.  The shaping of the back of the torso is also just, really cool and organic. You are incredible!
(also, the head is amazing, so /shrug/ no issue with reusing no. 08 as far as I can see. Don't fix what isn't broken, right?)
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Haha! :XD: Well, glad to hear you're still checking up form time to time. :D
I'm definitely in full agreement with the synthetic looking taper. I've reduced that by widening the belly piece by 120%, but I can't but help a quick sketch-over would really help, though I think I know what you mean and by no means disagree. And yes!, feedback is still relevant considering the glacial pace at which I've been working on this project. ^^;
I thank you very much for that. :thanks: The breast was one of the things that in addition to getting it to look right was also technically challenging because of wanting it entirely machine sewn without being a hassle. But I think I've essentially kept more or less what I have here in hopes that they appeared oversize because of the lack of shoulders. (I did change the pattern a little, plus the stuffing really can affect it to a fair degree.)
I'm going to try with the head 80% smaller in the next iteration, as I think that will help with general proportions, not to mention a mane/hair will make it appear fuller. Next up is life-size Chrysalis (#22), because I'm tired of messing around with the tiny details and want to put this pattern to the test. And she'll have shoulders! ^^
Your thoughts and feedback are very much appreciated! :la:
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I have a terrible habit of wandering away for 6+ months and then coming back oblivious to how long it's been, until I've seen how much someone has posted in the interim. I think it must be a holdover from the days of waiting for loads of a comic or show to come out so I could binge.
Eh. Sometimes things take ages. It is what it is, and forcing it will probably just result in a lot of frustration and possibly a busted up machine. You're doing something really complex and you don't wanna burn yourself out on it, too.
I'm really excited to see that when it happens, because I love Chrysalis's design, just, a ridiculous amount. I'm interested to see what you end up doing for the holes in her legs and mane, specifically, since it seems like those are the most difficult part of her design to emulate.

If you want a sketch-over done by someone who hasn't made a plush pattern in ages, let me know. I can spare the time for something interesting, like this, and will happily volunteer.
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...I actually just thought how I could entirely machine sew the leg holes, (with invisible zippers), before stuffing and be able to actively experiment with the material to keep it form collapsing. :O And I think I have an idea for what to use while maintaining the plushness. ^^ But I might just make a tutorial for it since that sounds like an awful lot more work. :iconrarityawkwardplz:
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Something being too much work is a valid reason to discard it as an option. If you have the time to do a tutorial, it would be really cool of you - someone else might need the solution enough that they're willing to barter the time - but I'm assuming that you either A, have other projects you wanna get to some time this century or B, are looking to make a pattern you can remake and sell dolls of, which would necessitate it not taking the better part of an era. And that's fine, honestly, and good sense besides.
I tried poking through a book on softie making I have, but no dice on other ideas for the leg in this corner

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Well, as I've been cutting out the pattern for a 5' anthro Chrysalis plush, It occurred to me that invisible zippers would still be a bit much considering how small the holes still are relatively speaking. </sub>(Maybe if the plush was 10' tall. XD)</sub>
Indeed. I have another couple of incandescent matrix clocks to make after getting a deal on some light bulb sockets on clearance with push down/wire pinch connections that already have already have diodes on them needed for a row column matrix! That's 3 solder connections per bulb, (out of about 90 bulbs for two clocks), I wouldn't have to make! :la: But there's still drilling 90 holes with two different sized bits. ^^; Gotta psych myself up! :eager: Already ordered the bulbs though, (ironically costing a little more than the sockets). One clock will be for my nephew who really loves my original. ^^
I hear ya. It's not a common issue for sure. :nod:
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Still sounds like a better habit than coming back every single day. :crazy:
But I have ironically written crawlers for some of the comics I read, and occasionally stock up on what I haven't read every few months. ^^
My machine may be able to handle it, but yes, I definitely don't need to be burned out! :nod:

Well, I admit since part of my goal is plush-ness, I confess I don't actually intend for holes, (plus I'm tired of waiting on myself). ^^; However, I know I could machine sew at least 2/3 of the seams of the holes. And if I can determine a way to keep them soft, then I'd go for it! But I'm just not sure what material I could use to maintain the hole itself without collapsing and be somewhat soft at the same time. :iconflutterthinkplz: Any thoughts?

I would love that! :D It doesn't have to be much, just enough to give me the right idea. :) I actually got a sketch over for shoulders a long time ago, but only recently figured out how to sew them without using any more pattern pieces. I just used an extra-(un)ordinary dart.
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It's ADD, honestly. I can hyper-focus until I run out of things to eyeball, then I'm off to do the same elsewhere.
Heeeey, if it works for you (shrug) then it's fine, right? (laughs) still, probably more effort than I usually put in.

Makes sense. I'm really not sure what you could use aside form maybe heavy interfacing... Or treating it like a donut, which sounds like it could be unnecessarily difficult. Hmm. ... foam could work, but we're moving out of plush and into soft sculpture territory then.

I've got a sketch, but I was trying to keep it to your current seam lines so that you could modify the current pieces instead of adding new ones. Is the navel soft sculpted? What's going on there, if you're okay with answering in a public chat?
Darts are lifesavers. And don't rag on yourself too much, because a poorly placed dart looks awful and a well placed one makes something fabulous.
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:XD: Heee... That's not to mention the Deviation downloader I wrote ever since they started changing things to be more annoying. :icontwilightderp2plz:

The donut concept would essentially be like a collapsed hole, which would be easy enough I'd suspect since it really wouldn't need special support. It's not like it has to be a neat cylinder. And yup, I don't really want to do the soft sculpture thing. I have a Chrysalis soft sculpture from fireflytwinkletoes. I love it, but it's the hardest "plush" I own. ^^'

:la: ... It is soft sculpted and it's sewn like the breast, except inward facing rather than outward, entirely machine sewn but of course less complicated. I imagine this will be more apparent on the life-size one. ^^
Very true indeed, especially when scaling up! Before the dart there, I had nothing, but I think the dart will do based on my latest test 21, despite sewing the belly at the wrong nap orientation. >_<
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Hmm, something about the arms, particularly the shoulders, seems disproportionate - I'm wondering if adding width to the waist will help the shoulders seem more proportional, or if the top of the arms should be narrowed as well.

Also that's some highly impressive plushbutt right there =P (Razz)
adamlhumphreys's avatar
I think a wider waist would also greatly help, especially given how I have my next test pattern coming along which should hopefully greatly improve the shoulders so they're... more shoulder-ry. :O

Haha, to think, that's one of the easy parts! :XD:
Thank you for your thoughts! :thanks:
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Yeuhhh, a little too unintentionally big at that. ^^'
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Gonna have nightmares! XD Hahah! You are super talented and that body is amazing, but for a pony it is a little bit weird to me. Still, you can sew better than me for sure!
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