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Anthro Pony Mare Biped Plushie Pattern 09

:iconetsyplz: You can purchase this pattern on Etsy: Anthro Pony Mare Biped Plushie Pattern 09#0

──◊──┤ Description: ├──◊──

Some people have been waiting a while for this pattern, therefore I apologize for the wait! I still plan to further develop this pattern and derivatives with some fairly advanced techniques already in progress, so be on the lookout. But for now, I present Biped Pattern 09! Also be sure to check out my Pony Mare Stallion Plushie Sewing Pattern 27:…

This pattern, (two PDF documents), includes a basic set of instructions on 4 pages and 3 pages of pattern pieces which include:
►Body pieces
►Head pieces (including ears)
►Unicorn horn
►2 options for open pegasi wings
►Closed pegasi wings
(Manes, tails, and/or embroidery designs not included.)

This pattern is designed to work with minky fabric or any fabric with a similar stretch. Using different fabrics will likely yield different results. The instructions assume some basic knowledge of sewing, but the pattern itself isn’t particularly a beginner pattern. Nevertheless, I’ve made tutorials available to help with that! :D At the moment, my tutorials general only cover general quadruped patterns, but share the same concepts.

The resulting plush size should be approximately 15.5" (39.4 cm) tall from hoof bottom to top of head when the pattern is printed at 100% actual size.

H25, B09, UB09 explained: ‘H’ = my head pattern, ‘B’ = body side, and “UB” = belly and under-legs. Numbers represent the respective version of each part.

──◊──┤ Materials and Tools: ├──◊──

►A working sewing machine
►Hemostats (for stuffing)
►Quilt batting
►Doll needle
►Poly pellets, some small gravel, or 1/16" thick semi-flexible plastic
►Doll/teddy bear joints
►Insulated copper wire or hobby wire to support wings if necessary

►1/2 a yard of minky fabric (or similar preferred fabric)
►Polyester fiber fill stuffing (or preferred stuffing)
►Needle, thread, and pins. (Of course! ^_^)
►Fabric marker/pen

──◊──┤ Usage Policy: ├──◊──

You can use this pattern for unlimited personal purposes and/or limited commercial purposes, (limit of 60 plushies per calendar year). You can make alterations, modifications, and changes to this pattern for personal use. Credit given to me, Adam L. Humphreys, for use of this pattern, in part or whole, would be very much appreciated! :)

Any digitally downloaded documents, patterns, and files, (including but not limited to PDF files and embroidery files), may not be sold, reproduced, freely distributed, or used for production by a company, factory, or manufacturer.

I shall not be held liable for any injuries or damages incurred as a result of using this pattern or instructions. Just be careful and always use common sense.

──◊──┤ The Future: ├──◊──

Would you like to see more patterns? Let me know! You can stay up to date by:
Subscribing to me on YouTube:
Watching me on DeviantArt:


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KatVixen's avatar

I have a question about Anthro Pony Mare Biped Plushie Pattern 09

I bout the pattern, and i can see in the pictures and on the pattern a blue dotted line that starts by the dart and head towards the under belly. I know it give the butt definition..

However there are no instructions on how to achieve it. What do i do with that dotted blue line to make things happen as they should?

I will take anyone's help if they have made one of these wonderful ponies

adamlhumphreys's avatar

Hello, and thank you for your purchase!

That would be in Cutting the Fabric, step 1, although technically it's far from the first step, so I probably would've done well to notate it elsewhere. ^^

But that blue dotted line represents where to place a needle sculpt. Similar to what's in this video, except part of the thread goes outside the fabric as well across the dotted line which forms the crease:

Hope that helps! :D

KatVixen's avatar

Thank you! that is what i had thought it was, but i wanted to make sure before i made any attempts.. seeing sewing by hand is far more time consuming then having a sewing machine

adamlhumphreys's avatar

Not a problem! And yes, machine sewn with few seams as I thought possible is my goal with this pattern. In this case though, a needle sculpt kept things simple IMO. :)

KatVixen's avatar

I don't mind, seeing i am making the whole plush by hand. I do not want to make a mistake that forces me to start over.

adamlhumphreys's avatar

Ah, then I certainly understand! :nod:

W-O-T-A-N's avatar
Nice form... I hope Ill will buy it~!
adamlhumphreys's avatar
Very much appreciated, and thank you for the watch! :thanks: I’ll try not to disappoint. :iconfluttersmileplz:
One-Violet-Rose's avatar
I made the thing! Now trying not to screw up the link:  Anthro Vinyl Scratch by One-Violet-Rose
adamlhumphreys's avatar
Aww. :aww: Awesome!
Thank you for sharing! :thanks:
And do have a great Thanksgiving. :D
One-Violet-Rose's avatar
Thank you, you too! ^^

The pattern is great, I have been singing its praises to everyone who sees the plushie XD
adamlhumphreys's avatar
Will do! :D

:XD: I hope to complete a full anthro pattern in due time. :eager:
One-Violet-Rose's avatar
Ooooh, awesome! I want to try for a Celaeno, but I know that's going to take about 3289473289 revisions Sweating a little... 
adamlhumphreys's avatar
:XD: Once you get the hang of it, revisions come quicker, (or at least you have a slightly better idea of how the shape will change). :)
thedarkmink's avatar
wow nice you can totally make a Deadpool pony lol just look his head! :D that would be awesome
adamlhumphreys's avatar
I have a feeling that's probablly been done. ^^ ... At lest I've seen a number of Pinkie Deadpool plushies for some reason. :iconapplejackwhatplz::iconpinkieshrugplz:
I sent you a comment via etsy (not sure which is a better way to get in touch) hey! I ordered and downloaded the pattern, but I'm finding I'm having more difficulty piecing things together than I thought. 

Is there anyway you could post a short little video, to illustrate a bit more visually how the pieces go together? I don't think a full on tutorial is necessary, (it doesn't have to be super detailed) but just something that can show how the pieces (especially the legs) get sewn would be super appreciated. 

Thanks so much! 
adamlhumphreys's avatar
Well, for general assembly, have you tried my pony sewing tutorials on YouTube?

There’s also this journal post form someone else who has purchased my pattern on which I commented:

Let me know if one of these helps! As in the comment, I’ve been meaning to make some clarification videos. (At the moment, I have videos waiting to be processed and posted, and a couple of things to fix in addition to painting. So if I don’t respond in a day or so, I’m probably fairly busy, weekend or not. ^^; Gotta take advantage of the nice weather before it rains again.)
SpiceAndDragons's avatar
Do you have any suggestion on the connection for the arms? There seems to be two common options, armatures or joints. Is one better than another or what are the advantages between them?

Also, if you have a preferred supplier, please share.


Doll Joints…
adamlhumphreys's avatar
Well, I can tell you joints are easier to put into place and are likely more cuddly. Sadly, I haven't tried to armatures yet, but the advantage would be wider pose ability. You can find one that uses armatures here and here (see comments below for our elaboration about the armatures).

Interestingly, last time I checked, Hobby Lobby seems to have the best price for joints, and they're all I've ever bought them from. I didn't know they sold armatures! :O No preference there, but that looks like a good price to me. :nod:

Also, apologies for the delay! :eager:
SpiceAndDragons's avatar
Fantastic. I will be purchasing very shortly.

I have actually been trying to adapt your Pony Mare Stallion Plushie Sewing Pattern 27 to a biped for about a month now. I'm trying to make a Christmas tree topper based on Season 6 Episode 8 A Hearth's Warming Tale where Derpy sits of top of the tree.
adamlhumphreys's avatar
Very much appreciated! :thanks:

Ahh, I hear you. :) I remember when I first tried to adapt mine to a biped. Even the fourth iteration was pretty bad. ^^; But I learned a lot. ^^
Hehe, yay! :iconhappyderpyplz: :D
That reminds me, I still have a Chrysmas pic to finish. ^^
SpiceAndDragons's avatar
I managed to complete the pattern. Biped Prototype 2

Obviously, my work is not as nice as yours. Still, it managed to come out fairly well.

I do like the use of the joints for the arms. Your legs also have the nice advantage that you leave a wide open area for drawing the cutie marks.

I would suggest widening the body from the chest to the neck. Right now it seems like the hips are wider than they should be.

Overall, I enjoyed the pattern, and I hope to see what you produce next.
adamlhumphreys's avatar
I saw! :D And I do understand what you mean about it being more human. It really is more-so an anthro style, so that's probably the main issue. At the moment it's kinda split between a full anthro, (which is where I'm leaning), and an actual biped pony.

I went with a pear shape, but I probably should look into a balance. Wide hips do have a tendency to bug me when conjoined with a wide bust and too thin of a waist.

Thank you for your feedback! :thanks:
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