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LED Luna Mane and Tail Animated Plush by adamlhumphreys, visual art

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I no longer take commissions, generally speaking.

Notes about my plushies:

-Pricing and Commission Details

-Mares are ~13.5" (~34.3 cm) tall from hoof bottom to top of head (excluding mane, etc).

-Fillies are ~11" (~28 cm) tall from hoof bottom to top of head (excluding mane, etc).

-I draft all my own patterns with Photoshop/paper towels and make embroidery files with SophieSew.

-I don’t share my patterns or embroidery files with anyone, but I do have tutorials for SophieSew and offer advice when I can, but try to figure things out on your own if you’re really interested. Bear in mind that no one told me how to do this, but the information was available.

-My plushies are made with minky fabric. Accessories may be either minky or ultra cuddle.

-Stuffed medium-firm

-I typically make two passes of hand sewing for manes and tails and three for non-swiveling heads for better durability. I have had experience with things coming undone on some pony plushies I’ve bought. It also happened to my earlier Bon Bon right before I shipped her, at which point I declared “that is unacceptable!” So I try to prevent that.

-Smoke free home!

And here’s some old-school DA information that I just left here:

Current Residence: The Republic of Texas (I can dream can't I?)

Favourite genre of music: Classic Rock, Big Band and Swing, Celtic, Soundtracks

Operating System: Windows 9 or 11

MP3 player of choice: One that takes a USB drive and has a line out. (A modified a Zone Electronics Portable Mini Speaker)

Shell of choice: A 90s 4U server case, not that I'm using that though, there aren't enough mounts for drives

Skin of choice: Windows Classic (Customized)

Favourite cartoon character: If I had to choose: 1 female, too many choices. 1 male, Odd Della Robbia (who is straight BTW)

Personal Quote: Don't just look at the shiny side of a dirty coin.

Favourite Visual Artist
I like a number of different artists for different reasons, but if I had to choose one: God
Favourite Movies
Are you kidding!? I can't choose one out of dozens! Check my about page.
Favourite TV Shows
Megas XLR, The Tick, Code Lyoko, Sonic the Hedgehog ('93), Gargoyles, Swat Kats, Kim Possible, Dragon Hunters, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, and more.
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
I like all kinds of music! Big Band, Techno, Celtic, Classic Rock (most of my playlist), Country, music from video games, even some Pop and Rap!
Favourite Books
Holy Bible
Favourite Writers
God, Brad Harrub, Allen Webster, Walter Pigg
Favourite Games
Ratchet & Clank, Sly, Jak & Daxter, Spyro (up to A Hero's Tail)
Favourite Gaming Platform
SNES, PS2/3, Emulators
Tools of the Trade
Cinema 4D R12 Broadcast, Photoshop CS5, Nikon D5000, Weller TC201 (the last one is different)
Other Interests
Bible, God, 3D, animation, anthropomorphic characters, electronics, renewable energy, web design, ..
Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there! :D
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Anti-creationist dates at the end, but very good to know others are noticing. Chemical Farming & The Loss of Human Health - Dr. Zach Bush:
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So what's up with Eclipse's memory leaks lately? I wake up my computer, open another couple tabs for eclipse, and suddenly my 3.5GHz CPU goes up to 100% and 10GB of my memory gets sucked up in a heartbeat. I have to kill the chrome instances in Task
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I wonder, would you prefer a pocket calculator that has a backlight and uses batteries, or one that is solar and does not have a backlight? :o

The biggest problem with batteries for me is corrosion, at least for typical Alkaline. Having a solar calculator, I've actually been quite fond of it. Lately though, I've technically been using a calculator with a backlight that uses batteries, (but I'll admit it also happens to be my phone/comic book reader/book/camera/Bible/MP3 player/etc. ^^;). But I admit an old-school calculator with a unique display would be neat to see. :)

Also, I hope to see you this coming Saturday! :D

What do you think about digital meters vs analog meters?

Was actually going to ask how you've been doing. ^_^ (And somehow I missed hitting the reply button!)

There's definitely a defining factor between those two. The thing that makes digital meters great is since they're driven by a controller, usually they're much more versatile, like a multi-meter measuring voltage, current, resistance, or whatever with a simple flip of a switch.

Analog meters are usually limited in their designated function, but the one thing digital meters can't hold a candle stick to when compared to an analog meter is responsiveness. Analog meters don't have a refresh rate, they're live, so any fluctuations in measurement is immediately visually perceivable, so things like ripple voltage are much easier to see, :D (unless it's a low voltage, in which case a scope would probably be needed).

That said, analog meters are still used here and there. And for things like pressure, they never require a power supply. :greetings:

Also, someone shared with me something you might be interested in. I honestly have never even heard of them before, but you may have given your interest in technological history:

Looking forward to hearing from you! :hug:

We're doing alright. I built a device with an analog polarity meter and a speaker in it. I figured that it would function like a simple oscilloscope! :D

Glad to hear!

If you're looking for some notable unwanted signals, then I'd think that should certainly do the trick! :nod:

I think an iceberg has surfaced on the internet since I highlighted the 19S-8 display...

A YouTuber by the name of Brian Klier had quite a bit of information and a few stories behind Display Systems, such as the true founder and his wife catering to studios for different game shows back in the day... even making sports-type readouts like on the Item Up for Bid section of The Price is Right!