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LED Luna Mane and Tail Animated Plush

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Are you searching for truth?

My about page:

I do take commissions. :) Pony, anthro, or whatever, (though my next focus will probably be further developing my anthro pattern).
*If you are interested in an OC, know upfront that prices are typically 20-50% more due to development and varies by complexity.*

Notes about my plushies:
-Current List
-Pricing and Commission Details
-Mares are ~13.5" (~34.3 cm) tall from hoof bottom to top of head (excluding mane, etc).
-Fillies are ~11" (~28 cm) tall from hoof bottom to top of head (excluding mane, etc).
-I draft all my own patterns with Photoshop/paper towels and make embroidery files with SophieSew.
-I don’t share my patterns or embroidery files with anyone, but I do have tutorials for SophieSew and offer advice when I can, but try to figure things out on your own if you’re really interested. Bear in mind that no one told me how to do this, but the information was available. :)
-I do plan to distribute my patterns and embroidery files in the indefinite future.
-My plushies are made with minky fabric. Accessories may be either minky or ultra cuddle.
-Stuffed medium-firm
-I typically make two passes of hand sewing for manes and tails and three for non-swiveling heads for better durability. I have had experience with things coming undone on some pony plushies I’ve bought. It also happened to my earlier Bon Bon right before I shipped her, at which point I declared “that is unacceptable!” :stare: So I try to prevent that. :)
-Smoke free home!

And here’s some old-school DA information that I just left here:
Current Residence: The Republic of Texas (I can dream can't I?)
Favourite genre of music: Classic Rock, Big Band and Swing, Celtic, Soundtracks
Operating System: Windows 7
MP3 player of choice: One that takes a USB drive and has a line out. (A modified a Zone Electronics Portable Mini Speaker)
Shell of choice: A 90s 4U server case, not that I'm using that though, there aren't enough mounts for drives
Skin of choice: Windows Classic (Customized)
Favourite cartoon character: If I had to choose: 1 female, too many choices. 1 male, Odd Della Robbia (who is straight BTW)
Personal Quote: Don't just look at the shiny side of a dirty coin.

Favourite Visual Artist
I like a number of different artists for different reasons, but if I had to choose one: God
Favourite Movies
Are you kidding!? I can't choose one out of dozens! Check my about page.
Favourite TV Shows
Megas XLR, The Tick, Code Lyoko, Sonic the Hedgehog ('93), Gargoyles, Swat Kats, Kim Possible, Dragon Hunters, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, and more.
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
I like all kinds of music! Big Band, Techno, Celtic, Classic Rock (most of my playlist), Country, music from video games, even some Pop and Rap!
Favourite Books
Holy Bible
Favourite Writers
God, Brad Harrub, Allen Webster, Walter Pigg
Favourite Games
Ratchet & Clank, Sly, Jak & Daxter, Spyro (up to A Hero's Tail)
Favourite Gaming Platform
SNES, PS2/3, Emulators
Tools of the Trade
Cinema 4D R12 Broadcast, Photoshop CS5, Nikon D5000, Weller TC201 (the last one is different)
Other Interests
Bible, God, 3D, animation, anthropomorphic characters, electronics, renewable energy, web design, ..
Notes are now decent and usable, plus some other minor changes here:

CSS Hacks to Help un-eclipse DA

CSS Hacks to Help un-eclipse DA

So, I just now found out how how to make a status update... That said, I did as suggested and used a Journal, (probably better). For those using or wishing to use custom CSS hacks in your browser for eclipse, to see un-cropped thumbnails in notifications: ._1wlQc [style], ._28QFs /*Thumbs*/ { background-size: contain !important; background-position: center !important; object-fit: contain !important; object-position: center !important; grid-template-columns: fit-content(100%) !important; } If you want more white-space you can add and adjust this property within the {}: transform: scale(0.7); If you're using Chrome, you can use this to enable custom CSS: If you're using a different browser, search the web for "user css in ...". :meow: If you'd like something updated or changed, don't ask, just update it yourself, and feel free to share it! :D This Journal is subject to change/update
With the looming and engulfing eclipse ahead, I can't speak on how active I'll be here, or anywhere else for that matter. So just in case, here's some alternate places you can find me, er, my username! (Which is to say, I have an account there, but.....

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Okay, this sounds stupid, but...

I did a pain test on myself using different DC voltage levels on dry skin, wet skin, skin covered in acid (lemon juice), and the tongue.

I did a pain test on myself using different DC voltage levels on dry skin, wet skin, skin covered in acid (lemon juice), and the tongue.I did a pain test on myself using different DC voltage levels on dry skin, wet skin, skin covered in acid (lemon juice), and the tongue.

Here are my results:

Dry skin:

Threshold: 96V

Torturous level: 121V

Unbearable level: 156V

Wet skin:

Threshold: 42V

Torturous level: 68V

Unbearable level: 85V

Acid on skin:

Threshold: 28V

Torturous level: 45V

Unbearable level: 54V


Threshold: 7V

Torturous level: 12V

Unbearable level: 16V

So, I've determined that with acid over water, resistance is decreased further, and at the tongue the resistance is the lowest.

adamlhumphreysProfessional General Artist

...3rd time's the charm? (I recall a guy on YouTube that has dome some similar testing, but not quite at all those levels, so this seems fairly complete. Strange, but still helpful information to know I'd say!

I think the only thing I could contribute is that 120V AC @ 60Hz is tingly enough to get your attention with dry skin. :B A few hundred million volts AC at RF frequencies also tingles, but only when it's not using your body as a direct path to ground. Otherwise, it's lights out or 6' under at ~7mA. :O

Whoa. I treat AC as harmful, and a good enough wallop can put your lights out or dig your grave. Ever wonder why 2kV AC is used to execute people at the electric chair?

That's why I usually work with DC. No dangerous pulsing waves to worry about, and it failed to kill off an elephant when Edison tried an experiment with several kV DC.

adamlhumphreysProfessional General Artist

That was indeed Edison's argument, so he did kill off elephants with AC trying to push DC power distribution. Thankfully the good legacy of Tesla still stands even if under-acknowledged and we have AC power distribution. :nod: But yes, generally speaking, that's the case. (If there's places that still use the electric chair, 2kV AC is probably used because it's cheap and easy to get from any microwave oven. :XD: ) Now, my dad told me about someone, a co-worker I believe, who was working on a tube amplifier and got shocked by, I guess it's the grid voltage (pretty tube ignorant here), of 4kV DC. From what I recall, it definitely knocked him out cold and left a real sharp pain that took a while to get over. The guy's thoughts were that AC is of course bad to get shocked by, but since DC doesn't change it's current direction, it doesn't let go! But as with all things electricity, that's where the cork shoes and the one hand in the pocket rules come into play. :D

Found out that ICE's Cyclone game uses some commonplace parts on-board, such as 74- series logic and a 7805 voltage regulator.

And it uses two different kinds of incandescent bulb: #906 (13.5V wedge base) and #81 (6.5V bayonet base). It also uses neon tubes in blue, pink, and green, to match the game's station colors.

I plan on getting a neon tube that I found at a part dealer to possibly light with a flyback circuit.

adamlhumphreysProfessional General Artist

Hard to beat commonplace parts since they're usually the cheapest. ^^

Shouldn't be too difficult to get it to light with a fly-back circuit. ...Of course there's probably a few different ways it could light. :)

I ordered the tube plus an old Bob's Space Racers display module with 152L digits.

I know the display module should take a pulsed 12V at least considering it uses vane displays. The displays also have wire harnesses to address each set/clear line, and all common lines tied to one wire per digit.

And when I called up ICE to get answers on the voltage of the U-tube neon, they didn't really know. (They also have pie-shaped tubes, but I went for a U-shape. Also pink because it's filled with no mercury, just neon and a flamingo pink filter.)