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Cloning facility



Concept for a personal project 'aRevolution'.

Majority of population is unaware of aliens' plan as well as of many of their hidden facilities, like cloning chambers. Many high society members and most of the government have already been replaced with perfect replicas, genomed from abducted 'originals'. The new versions have fully developed alien brain and nervous system. They also have modified bone structure, a mix between regular human bones and alien organic material, although adopted to the human body in 100%, so no external differences are noticable. It does, however, provides additional strength and endurance. Clones are created via 'DNA weaving' performed by alien equivalent of scientists, who need to operate from within a special chamber since the process is possible only in the original alien form.

Task of the clones is simple - to ensure an increase of alien influence and support for all government plans and proposals regarding alien presence on Earth. It's all merely a preparation for the final move.
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