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Bridge City

A futuristic city, where abandoned, old part meets a new, prosperous district. Artwork done for a personal project.
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© 2011 - 2021 adamkuczek
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Great work. Especially with lighting.

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Love the scenery

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can I use some of your work in a non profit movie I'm making with friends? I will link it back to you and all.
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You can license some of the artworks. Contact me if you are interested. Thank you.
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'Reminds me of Argon from TRON: Uprising.
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my soul in here
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A realistic view of the near-future. Big props, as always for your fantastic works.
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Thanks, I appreciate.
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Hello! I'm an author currently writing my 4th book "The Box." It's about a man who gets trapped 329 years into the future. Throughout all my books I include photos to give the reader more of a visualization of what I'm writing about. This photo would be perfect to use! I was wondering if I could use your photo in my worldwide published novel! Of course, I'd give you proper credit in my introduction, and your photo would be used in a positive way. 

Do I have permission to use this exact photo?

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Use without license if forbidden.
If you are interested, you can pay the license fee and be able to use it in your book. Let me know if you are interested and I'll send you the details.

Best Regards,
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Thanks anyway. I barely make anything at all on my books since I'm not famous - yet. :) I'll ask another artist. Great work though, and thank you!
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Superb port and space place!
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I like how there is varying scale in the design, a kind of visual heirarchy, the weight is varied but is in order. left is obviously heaver and right is light. you can tell the main focal point is on the right hand side. is this done on photoshop, or hand-painted? cool art by the way. Katastract. 
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Thanks.  Base was a simple 3D, the rest in Photoshop.
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thanks, very informative. 
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▀▀▀▀░▀▀▀░▀░░░▀░ ▀░▀░░▀
░█▀▀ ░█▀█ ░█ ░█▀▀
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░▀▀▀ ░▀ ░░░▀ ░▀▀▀
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Very nice cyberpunk styled cityscape!
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Great job! We invite you to participate in IllustraFuturs, an initiative that wants to show by illustrations how cities, society, technology and/or environment are going to be in 2100. The selected illustrations will be showed in a collective exhibition during a year in CosmoCaixa (Museum of Science in Barcelona, Spain). Three of the illustrations will be awarded with a Wacom graphic tablet (Cintiq 13 HD model version). 

Send your proposal through this link…, and the same work by email (format A2 59,4x42cm 300dpi), before 9th January 2015 

We are also in Facebook:…

Best Regards

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- Or a harbor : P, beautiful. -
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Count me in as a big fan. :)
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