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Published: April 29, 2012

HMCS Geisha Of The Stars (Nightingale-class) by AdamKop 'Final Stand of Wrath' Commission by AdamKop Imperial Star Destroyer War Galleon by AdamKop Star Wars Prototype TIE Fighter Commission by AdamKop

Columbia Shipyards Osprey-class courier by AdamKop Star Trek USS Hammer by AdamKop Sci-Fi Cruiser Book Cover by AdamKop Star Wars Koensayr ETL-14 assault starfighter by AdamKop

  Privateer Heretic Medium Fighter ML02 Commission by AdamKop Aphetor Spaceship Commission by AdamKop Star Wars Corelli Space Freighter Commission by AdamKopStar Trek Advocate Class by AdamKop

Star Wars - Imperial Star Destroyer Commission by AdamKop Star Wars Corellian Transport Commission by AdamKop Star Wars Nubian Corvette Commission by AdamKop Star Wars Patrol Ship Commission by AdamKop

Victory-class Supercarrier Commission by AdamKop Aetos Starship Commission by AdamKop Mon Calamari  Freighter Commission by AdamKop Star Wars Crusader TIE Commission by AdamKop

Star Wars Republic Corvette Commission by AdamKop Star Trek USS Concord Commission by AdamKopTerran Alliance Command Ship Commission by AdamKop Star Wars Corellian YT Transport by AdamKop

Thank you for looking and providing support :)
If you'd like to support my arts through Patreon, you can do so here: www.patreon.com/adamkopala
Also here's the address to my email in text - adamkopala145@gmail.com
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SheTheTDEHobbyist General Artist

I have a paypal again and your 3D price doesn't look hideous although seeing that you do book covers as well I'm wondering how hideously expensive my gratuitously over complicated spaceship would be as a book cover. I might want to aproach that in stages but let's discuss in notes.

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I heard from a friend that you do commissions. I'm interested in having some characters created for a fanfic that I'm writing set in the legends universe. As well as weapons and ships. My email is bngrant197@gmail.com

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Greetingss AdamKop!

I've seen your star wars digital designs and I find them amazing! I'd like to see about commissioning you for a fighter and a munificent Frigate (custom) if possible. I had a fun idea for the space and the visual look of the ships. I'll be able to hear from you on notes here, email or Twitter. Just give me a poke if they seem possible to do.


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Am I correct in assuming that this is a full color shaded drawings?

Star Wars Corellian YT Transport by AdamKop Star Trek Advocate Class by AdamKop


What is an example of a monochrome vector drawing?


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AdamKopStudent Digital Artist

Yes, these are 2D drawings.

Here's a vector one. I made just a handful of them:

Traveller Warsprite-Class Cruiser Commission
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You sir, are now on my watchlist. I have a faction who at the moment is using ships from an old series, and I am highly impressed by your work. I will, hopefully, be able to comission you some time later this year, I would love to have you as the artist.
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AdamKopStudent Digital Artist

Thanks, if you have anything set just drop me a message!

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Hey Adam!  I emailed you a week or two ago about a commission (at adamkopala145@gmail.com), but hoping to catch you as I'm interested in hiring you to create an alternate take on the V-Wing starfighter for our short film.  All your work is great, but I especially love your alternate take on the Z-95, and would potentially like to discuss permission to use that in the short film as well (though I realize that was a commission itself.) Just let me know if you'd be interested and we can discuss details and your price.  Thanks for taking the time to read this Adam!

-Matt Hoecker

p.s. Just for reference here are a couple quick clips from the short so far:

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SinonraHobbyist Photographer
what the difference between the full colored shaded drawing and the scene of a rendered and textured 3D model?
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AdamKopStudent Digital Artist
It comes down to shading. The drawing has a comic-like look to it:

Star Wars CIS Frigate 2D by AdamKop

Here's the same ship as a 3D model:

Star Wars Confederacy of Independent Systems Fleet by AdamKop
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Hello, I was interested in commissioning a ship design sometime in the future. I was wondering if you were fine with basing one on a vague description as I really don't know where to start when thinking of a design. I can give examples of preferences and type of ship, but not a whole lot about the exact design...
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cadefosterHobbyist Writer
Hey Adam. I emailed a few weeks back. I would very much like to commission you for a model that I can 3D print
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I'm writing this as an addendum to an email I had sent you a little bit ago (Though i think i entered it incorrectly)

I was wondering if you could do a commission of a Star ship of my own design , and if needed i can provide pictures of the one I created in Mine craft (I know, how childish) however I will be able to create illustrations if they are needed. the format i would like is a Scene render 3d model

Depending on whether or not it costs more, there may be more ships in the picture that i would request

I look forward to hearing from you
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AdamKopStudent Digital Artist
Hi, If you have a pic of the ship it would most certainly help with the creation.
As for extra ships, it will cost extra but depending on how complex they are they should be cheaper, as they will most likely not be the focus of the scene.
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Will screenshots of the original works be helpful? if not I might be able to come up with some sketches
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AdamKopStudent Digital Artist
That should get the job done :)
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Excuse me, But I was Wondering If I might inquire a few things:

1: What is provided in a Blueprint on a Monochrome Vector Drawing in the $40 price tier?

2: Are your rates listed for a single drawing regardless of the number of subjects? or are extra subjects an additional fee?

3: If i hired you, would you be able to take a ship design from Space Engineers and improve it to be less clunky and engine ridden or maybe make a Mark 2 version?
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Are you willing to do models for a StarWars ArmA3 game mod?
Polycount should not be more than 100k per-model.
Let me know. Thanks.
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Oh this makes me all kinds of hopeful~
Once I’ve got cash again... QwQ
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