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Hello, you arrived at my Commisions page :)
If you are interested in getting a CGI image created for you, please continue to the section you are interested in. There are three sections:
2D section covers all kind of colored, shaded images, preferably drawn with outlines.
3D works is about polygonal objects of all kinds, textured and with some post-processing for nice looks.
Vector images refer to things drawn with hard lines and occasional shading, such as blueprints and ink-like drawings.

I do all kinds of art and I'm opened to different styles (vector drawings of a Star Wars ship, 3D render of a Stargate vehicle, blueprint for a Dune tank and of course every kind of original universe objects and scenes) so don't be afraid to ask for anything that you can think of.

You can also check examples of my commisioned work and private gallery works on the bottom of this entry.

I am looking forward to working with you and seeing a happy finish :thumbsup:
Please note that preferably I accept paypal payments. You can also contact me at my email address at
Here's a description of the process:

Here are examples of my commisioned works :

HMCS Geisha Of The Stars (Nightingale-class) by AdamKop 'Final Stand of Wrath' Commission by AdamKop Imperial Star Destroyer War Galleon by AdamKop Star Wars Prototype TIE Fighter Commission by AdamKop

Columbia Shipyards Osprey-class courier by AdamKop Star Trek USS Hammer by AdamKop Sci-Fi Cruiser Book Cover by AdamKop Star Wars Koensayr ETL-14 assault starfighter by AdamKop

  Privateer Heretic Medium Fighter ML02 Commission by AdamKop Aphetor Spaceship Commission by AdamKop Star Wars Corelli Space Freighter Commission by AdamKopStar Trek Advocate Class by AdamKop

Star Wars - Imperial Star Destroyer Commission by AdamKop Star Wars Corellian Transport Commission by AdamKop Star Wars Nubian Corvette Commission by AdamKop Star Wars Patrol Ship Commission by AdamKop

Victory-class Supercarrier Commission by AdamKop Aetos Starship Commission by AdamKop Mon Calamari  Freighter Commission by AdamKop Star Wars Crusader TIE Commission by AdamKop

Star Wars Republic Corvette Commission by AdamKop Star Trek USS Concord Commission by AdamKopTerran Alliance Command Ship Commission by AdamKop Star Wars Corellian YT Transport by AdamKop

Thank you for looking and providing support :)
USS Chibi Emblem by HandofManos

I've been seeing these all around Deviantart so I decided to do a series by myself as well :)

I want to feature work from a friend of mine, HandofManos, who got me into DA.
We are longtime friends and have worked together on some projects but as our skills developed, we slowly veered into different directions.
He is mostly focusing on doing original designs for series called the Chronicles of Man and making all kind of Star Trek stuff, from new ships, through variations, to MSDs.
Here is some of his most amazing work. Please check out his art - you won't be disappointed :thumbsup:

Newton Class Scout by HandofManos
Destroyer Same Class by HandofManos
Tesla Class MSD Finished by HandofManos
301 'Red Dragon' by HandofManos
Handweaponry by HandofManos
Thanks to everyone who voted on my last contest ! :D

I want to announce that the ship which will receive a painted scene treatment is the "number 4" :

And the winner, with a whole lot of one more vote than the runner-up, is the "number 1" !

This ship will now be made in full 3D !

Please look forward to the wip and then scenes featuring this ship :)
The voting will be closing on the night from saturday to sunday, european time GMT +1 !
Hello everyone !
I am finishing up some of my older stuff and have no idea what to do next ... so I decided to model a Star Wars Imperial Star Destroyer from the set of 4 ships that I have.
Please vote in the comments section for the ship you want to see ! To your convinience I put up links here :
Ship number 1 :
Ship number 2 :
Ship number 3 :
Ship number 4 :
I will close the voting somewhere during the weekend. The ship with the most votes will be made immediately and the runner up will be redrawn from a different perspective in a battle scene !
Thanks for the support everyone !
Also, I'm glad to see that one of my images surpassed 100 favourites recently :) Here's the lucky fella :
Second journal entry, once again about the "most..." image.
This time it's the "most commented" picture. The Slayn-Korpil Fighter for the old Star Wars trilogy :
I know that some of the comments are my own but the even if you take those out, it is the most commented work I have :)
Thanks again to everyone who contributed to that (mostly my "watchers" and people who frequently comment on my works !). I hope to continue creating quality stuff that you will like !
Right now there are two very popular renders of my newest 3D ship, a Republic Interceptor for the Clone Wars era : &
Be sure to keep an eye on new uploads and don't be afraid to point out any errors or problems you see - it's even more helpful than just saying that it looks good :thumbsup:
First Journal entry ever !
I would like to thank everyone who has been supporting my work :thumbsup: - you are making it a lot easier to push myself into making new and better stuff all the time.
As for now my newest 2D design :…
has replaced the old favourite :
and is now the work with the most favourites.
Thanks again to everyone who liked this drawing - I will surely try to make more and if possible, better designs :D .
May The Schwartz Be With You !