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Star Wars Shrike and Tanker

By AdamKop
Commissioned work created for the great modeler at

The scene is a render of two 3D models which are based on his creations - a kitbash of Slave 1 named "Shrike" and a rebel tanker which is based off a ship that showed up briefly at the end of Empire Strikes Back.

If you're interested in commissions, please visit this page:

Want to support my personal projects? Visit my Patreon page for progress on my latest artwork:
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Aulthar's avatar
is that (tanker) one of the ships in the background in the rebel fleet @ the end of Empire?
AdamKop's avatar
Yep, good catch :)
Thedreadedpixel's avatar
have you seen EC Henry's render of the ship? 
AdamKop's avatar
Yeah, it is a bit different but I was actually following a model that the commissioner kitbashed based on the tanker.
Thedreadedpixel's avatar
Ah, that makes sense, its still a good model though, 10/10
ForgottenHonor0's avatar
The Shrike reminds me of a Republic fighter I saw in KotOR.
SigmaEC's avatar

Three years late in aiding here, but you're probably thinking about the S-250 Chela-class starfighter. Damn cool fighter, Though I love the Aurek as well

BrowncoatMando's avatar
perhaps another one of KSE's projects? not a Firespray but for sure part of the same lineage
angelbattler's avatar
My Word, I wanna build this with Lego so bad~
AdamKop's avatar
Oh that would be epic :D
Medi9na6491's avatar
usoutlaw's avatar
i looked up the unmodified firespray and the shrike looks like some on bent the ship at 90 degrees
Classic cool and gorgeous artwork 
PapiTrooper's avatar
Very well done !!
Mautar55's avatar
Those damn geth.

furgy12's avatar
awesome model!!
AdamKop's avatar
Thanks a lot!
verdenpark's avatar
Wonderful job. The detail, colour and lighting is superb as usual.
BaronNeutron's avatar
Nice!  More of the background ships from the films, please!
AdamKop's avatar
Unfortunately in Star Wars they're hard to find. I'll try to do more from games and comics :)
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