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Star Wars Nebulon C Frigate (free model DLC)

With the Star Wars: Regent comic, that I'm doing with :iconhandofmanos:, closing in, I decided to speed up work on 3D models which we will use as reference when drawing images. This vessel is a 3D model of a previously 2D-only concept, which I designed a long time ago. Both images are free to download for everyone in original resolution.
 Star Wars Nebulon C Frigate by AdamKop
If you want to look at the ship in 3D, here's an obj file download, which includes the bare model. It has no textures, but as it is right now, a simple light and dark metal stock material should be enough for anyone who wants to check it out:


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Be on lookout for new comic images to be uploaded in the following days, which will also be free for anyone to download and read :)

If you're interested in commissions, please visit this page for information:
2D + 3D CommissionsHello, you arrived at my Commisions page :)
If you are interested in getting a CGI image created for you, please continue to the section you are interested in. There are three sections:
2D section covers all kind of colored, shaded images, preferably drawn with outlines.
3D works is about polygonal objects of all kinds, textured and with some post-processing for nice looks.
Vector images refer to things drawn with hard lines and occasional shading, such as blueprints and ink-like drawings.
I do all kinds of art and I'm opened to different styles (vector drawings of a Star Wars ship, 3D render of a Stargate vehicle, blueprint for a Dune tank and of course every kind of original universe objects and scenes) so don't be afraid to ask for anything that you can think of.
You can also check examples of my commisioned work and private gallery works on the bottom of this entry.
I am looking forward to working with you and seeing a happy finish :thumbsup:
Please note that preferably I accept pa
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Hi! I'm a member of the 228th, a Arma 3 Star Wars unit! We currently do operations based in the clone wars, and I saw this, and it's breathtaking, so much so that I was wondering if you would be so kind as to permit us to use it as our Flagship. With, of course, credit to the artist.

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Yeah no problem, go ahead

Do you by chance have a link? the existing one does not seem to work neither on chrome nor firefox

that a breath taking nebulon c

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Needs more details but great shape over all.

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Nice one bro. That looks so Epic!!

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Too bad that the rar file is gone, would be a good addition to my fleets >laughs wickedly<
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just found this - thank you for sharing !
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Glad to hear you like it!

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Very Nice, but to me, ooks more like a Sacheen escort frigate
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Oh I guess it even could be one. I checked google and it seems that someone even modded this ship to be a Sacheen Frigate :D
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Hej, unfortunately the RAR download isn't working any more. Could you re-add it, please? Cheers, Oliver
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nice new concept
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I was wondering if you could do more rebel ships because I'm a big fan of the rebel ships and id like to see them redone because this is great
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I will surely do some. I have a V-Wing from Rogue Squadron games planned for december.
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Alright I can't wait that will be epic
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The rebels have the most badass ships in the galaxy, and this fits right in.
Whats the ships armament?
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This looks very slick and cool looking. Great ship art man!
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