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Star Wars Mandalorian Cruiser

Commissioned work of a large Star Wars custom ship designed to fight against a Star Destroyer.

If you're interested in commissions, please visit this page:
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it looks like it should be a carrier class with all those hangers come to think about it i don't the Mandalorians have ever had a carrier class ship

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I wish that was in the Mandalorian

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Hopefully we'll see more big ships apart from the existing vehicles.

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I really like this Mandalorian ship design. I would love to see these operating in numbers against the empire.

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Oh I wish I did more action scenes back then :) I'd love to go back to it but it's stored somewhere on my old drive.

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this is the way
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This is indeed the way :)

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These look so much better than the designs they already have for Mando ships. The consistent design style makes me want to command one all the more.
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Thanks :) Indeed it's quite disappointing that Mandalorians showed up mostly in Rebels which had nowhere near the budget to show us their greatness.
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though i did really like the designs we got on the shows
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This is awesome! I love the shape of it!
Carrier. I think you mean carrier. 8 fighter/bomber bays? No heavier ship-to-ship weapons visible. Unless my sense of scale is waaaay off, and all those little turrets are actually Turbolaser batteries. Sorry, nitpicking. I'll stop. Love the ship though.
I'm getting ready to run a Mass Effect tabletop rpg for my gaming group, and I've kinda fallen in love with this starship design. Would you mind terribly if I used it in my game? I know its not Mass Effect, but it looks phenomenal as a prototype exploration vessel kind of thing. Its not a public game and I have no intention of making any money off of it, but I always want to get the original artists permission before I use something.
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I like it. Is this based on any particular model?
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Thanks :) This one's completely original, just like most of my works.
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I suspected as much. But I was just wondering if you had any particular inspiration for it?
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Nothing particular - I just mess around with shapes until something comes up :)
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love the design
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If I actually had money, I'd commission you for an entire fleet, I hope you know. 

There's an excessive gap in the timeline when it comes to decent and varied Mandalorian ship designs (It pretty much jumps straight from Crusader/Neo Crusader all the way to MandalMotors stuff, some 4000+ years later.) But your designs are timeless, and very well thought out. I'd have any Mando I play fly one of your ships and be proud to own it. 
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nice! it's cool, simple and yet scary. You have great designs. keep up the good work!
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