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I love it! Would never have guessed Mandalorian though. Looks almost more Imperial/Republic with how sleek it looks. Would love to see a stats sheet for it.

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Oh yeah it was an old project and I don't really know what I used as inspiration for the design, probably some old ships.

I hope you don't mind, I found this ship and designed a Dual Universe ship based on it. I have a YouTube video of the finished product here at and linked this page in the description.

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Oh that's really nice!

Is it alright if i use this ship in a fanfic im wtiting

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Yeah no problem

Thanks the ship is beutiful and its not overly populated with massive guns cause that what they usually look like

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Oh yeah I hate those "superships" :D

The ship thats like 500m long and has more weapons on it than the god damn death star

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Is it supposed to be a space elevator or just a really tall tower
I love you art btw
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Thanks :)
It's just a tall tower.
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Statistics please 
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Oh I had them on my old computer but it's been long gone :(
Actually since it's from 2014 then it's 2 computers back, so even worse!
Just wanna say, it seems like the mandalorians (if this design were cannon. It it?) are the only ones who have any sort of actual common sense in ship design. Simple, easy enough to mass produce, no externally visible, exposed bridge. All I would change would be some armor above the thruster pods, and at least 2 turbolaser batteries, in addition to what appear to be point-defense turrets. Unless this cruiser is meant for a carrier type role. In that case I would expect some sort of mining/fabrication rig for harvesting of material & production/repair of fighters while deployed.
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Seriously though, if I were in the universe I'd go through time smacking every single one of the ship designers.
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i can imagine Disney making a MOBA, where it's the mandalorian civil war. players could be deathwatch or the "new mandalorians"
it'd basically be like playing Boba Fett from BattleFront, but now EVERYONE is Boba.
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Wow-This is truly amazing work!!!
I especially like your "crucifix ship" hovering in the background!
Nice contrast and great perspective!
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WOW!! What a beast! I love the triple engines - excellent work! She looks like she could take on a Star Destroyer!
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what are her dimensions, weapons and compliment? 
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Oh it would be a bit hard for me to find the specs for this one, but it's a pretty big ship, probably just a bit less than half the size of an ISD. Weapons are the turrets you can see here, two big cannon under fins on both sides, some forward-facing turbolasers and just a few more turrets on the underside.
I need ships for my films. Please contact if you have meshes available.
in what story/fanfilm will this take place?
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