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Star Wars Kuat Systems Eta-4 Interceptor

Commissioned work made for :iconshoguneagle:
Please visit his page for detailed info on the ship and a lot more!

If you're interested in commissions, please visit this page:

You can support my Patreon at :
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I hope it's a perfect balance of speed, firepower, and armor though. A-Wings are usually more about speed and maybe also firepower than they are about armor. XP
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Yeah this one's supposed to be a more all-around vehicle, not dying from two shots :)
Can you give us an ortho with different views of this ship and the X-14 fighter please.
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I like this version of the A-Wing. Seems very sleek and streamlined.
Dude YOU should try your hand at making the spicy lady, it was a cross between a YT-1300 and a A wing
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A couple Engines, a couple blasters, a seat, and a nut behind the wheel.  Welcome to flying an A-wing, where you go fast, or go faster.
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Hey, this one has an astromech!  Is it a dedicated model like in the E-Wing or can we toss any old astromech in there? :)
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I don't think it was specified, so any Astromech R-unit will do.
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Man, did you used 3D? That's so cool!
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Yeah, it's all 3D here :)
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It's super cool man! Great work
I like this; it looks like a compromise between the "too shiny, too sleek" designs of the Prequels and the blockier, more industrial looking ships of the original trilogy. It looks very fast and powerful as well.
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Thanks :) This one's was supposed to be a mix of the sleek A-Wing and Incom's more angular shapes. It is shinier though, as the original trilogy didn't have a way to really show that.
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Nice update of the A-wing! Love the sharp angles too and the classic color scheme. I can definately see this taking on the first order.
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I'd love to see that too :) Unfortunately we're getting the old one - there's a pic from the set online.
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More "cutting" edge :)
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Wow that's a fantastic design. Damn makes me want to model Star Wars fighters again haha
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