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Star Wars CEC Guile-class Battlecruiser Commission

3D render of a commissioned ship made for :iconshoguneagle:

Please visit his page for detailed info on the ship:

If you're interested in commissions, you can visit my journal page for details:

Interested in supporting my work and getting hi-res renders of classic sci-fi ships redone in HD? Visit my Patreon page:
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What an interesting design.
totalfreak2002's avatar
Interesting design. However, I think thet tha narrow part is a structural weakness.
AdamKop's avatar
Well, the hull is much thicker there (underside especially), so the main flat body would be more of a weak point :)
verdenpark's avatar
Excellent job as always. Great detail, colour, and use of light and shade. A most interesting design. Not sure about its structural integrity at the waist though. A definite weak point.
AdamKop's avatar
I thought of that :) The ship is actually three times thicker in that part. It's just that the thickness is vertical instead of horizontal.
verdenpark's avatar
Yes. It would take the vertical stresses well. Not so the horizontal, or any lateral, or twisting moment. Definitely one to keep in high orbit I think.
Is its main weapon the SONIC BOOM? :)
AdamKop's avatar
That and COMBING space for enemy ships :)
And if it is under attack, it can always use the ZOMMERZOLT evasive maneuver.
PleaseImJustaGirl's avatar
 Oh My Goodness look what I Wandered Aimlessly into.
Shogun Eagle is a Friend of Mine.
Oh You Do Good Work, it is Appreciated.
AdamKop's avatar
Thanks a lot :)
If it wasn't for Dustin, a lot of magnificent art wouldn't have been made!
PleaseImJustaGirl's avatar
 I like  that Dustin is Living on the Island of Okinawa, I have Two Cousins who Grew up there
 and when I described them He said I think I may have known them. Well no recollections Yet
But it made for an Interesting Conversation. I grew up in Tokyo.
Majestic-MSFC's avatar
Awesome design mate. :D
AdamKop's avatar
Thanks! It's always the simplest design that's the best but hardest to find :)
Majestic-MSFC's avatar
I totally agree. :)
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HandofManos's avatar
Good job Adam it is an unique shape to say the least.
AdamKop's avatar
Unless it snaps in half, it should be looking good :D
HandofManos's avatar
But then you have two great looking pieces... no?
sharlin's avatar
She's quite the beauty!
AdamKop's avatar
Thanks a lot!
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