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Star Wars CEC DP40 Heavy Gunship Commission

Commissioned render of a custom Star Wars ship, created for :iconshoguneagle:

If you're interested in commissions, please visit my journal page for details:

You can also check out my patreon where I upload my personal projects and download free renders from there:
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Joyeuse's avatar

Very cool! I see the design heritage from the consular cruiser and also the blockade runner.

AdamKop's avatar

Yeah it's a mix of a few vessels :)

verdenpark's avatar

A nice looking bird, and heavily armed Great job.

JESzasz's avatar

Nice, very nice, and I can see that you have been improving your turrets, which has been a weak point in your models in my opinion up to this point.

I was tempted to say "gunship my ass. This thing's a Light Cruiser at a minimum" or maybe what we'd call a Destroyer, and it might indeed be the size of an Arquitens, but with very few windows, it's hard to tell it her scale.

Adventwolf5's avatar

Still love the missile boat ships. The DP-20 and the modified Marauder are some of the best bang for your bucks designs around. Have you ever considered doing a redesign or upgraded version of the Marauder?

AdamKop's avatar

Hmm I'm not sure yet but I had that one planned so I might do it in a near future.

Adventwolf5's avatar

Cool can't wait for it. Also have you gotten the email I sent you still waiting on an invoice or payment method for the commissions I got from you.

AdamKop's avatar

Oh yeah I sent you back a message.

Adventwolf5's avatar

Alright not sure if it got flagged or if I just removed it on accident when I was clearing the mail box. If you could send it again that would be great.

And again this "corvette" is a beast it is easily on par with the largest Frigates in terms of firepower. And it shows with all the extra weapons and the oversized missile tubes in the front.

EXO-MEKTIC's avatar

Looks good against fighters, are the four engines very big or is it just that much smaller than a corvette?

AdamKop's avatar

This one's 190 meters long so the engines are bigger than the CR90.

Colourbrand's avatar

They should have had more ships like this in the following films instead of the cheap and nasty crap that came - you, are the talent sir :)

AdamKop's avatar

I wanted to say that there were some good designs out there as well but I kinda can't recall anything :D

A shame because the art book for episode 9 has some nice designs that were rejected.

Colourbrand's avatar

Rejected? Says it all... fools :(

AdamKop's avatar

They did that since episode 7. We almost got red ISDs, asymmetrical Rebel fighters and TIEs with one big pointy wing.

You can see how they expand on ideas, change some of them and in the end choose the most OT-like thing from the pack.

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heavenly777protector's avatar

holy-shit d6 stats and background info???

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Commissioner's upload page has details on the ship:

CEC DP40 Heavy Gunship
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Very impressive!!!

AdamKop's avatar

Thanks a lot!

AngelisGoodwen's avatar

You're very welcome!!!

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