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Mass Effect SSV Busan

3D render of a ship commissioned by :iconnewlondenion:

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(description by commissioner)

Pictured above is the SSV Busan, the lead ship of the line in a new class of light attack cruisers, during a shakedown run past Jupiter in 2197.

Devised to eventually replace the aging Geneva-class workhorse of the Alliance Navy, this new cruiser was designed to serve alongside the fleet's heavier Norfolk-class and Veracruz-class ships as the mainstay cruiser. Like the Veracruz, the Busan-class's primary armament consists of the latest Thanix-based Mjolnir cannons instead of conventional mass accelerators.  Additionally, its designing heavily incorporates technology reverse-engineered or based on Reaper remains.

Though smaller than their elder Geneva cousins, the Busan-class ships have improved maneuverability and acceleration.  The intention was to make these as fast attack cruisers with greater numbers than the larger Veracruz-class dreadnought escorts.  The first planned batch of these ships were named after port cities including the Murmansk, San Francisco, Sevastopol and Ho Chi Minh City.
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First off, I am a massive fan of the Mass Effect series and to see a new generation of Mass Effect ships created so nicely, and professionally, is very nice. I don't even really know where to begin really, I love everything about this ship... it's quite clearly a Systems Alliance Cruiser, so you nailed that, obviously. Am I wrong or do I detect a few things inspired by the Normandy? Notably the Engine design and the conning tower. I also like that to the fore of the ship there is, what appears to be, either a hanger bay or a hidden weapon emplacement, in my mind a quad barreled rotating (spinning) Thanix cannon. (all 4 projectiles spin together for increased accuracy, speed and, power)

I have seen many renders of Mass Effect vessels and most of them... fail to capture the style of the Alliance's designs, often having a lot of rounded edges and the lilke. This is great, and I look forward to seeing more like it in the future.
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Professional results are what you get with this man :)

He is a talent and thensome.

Your comment vindicates his work :D
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Is it okay if I use cropped version of this picture for a game? You'll be credited of course. 
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Yeah, no problem :)
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Brilliant! Thanks!
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Thanks a lot!
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This is amazing! I'm glad I found this, I always wanted to see good quality pictures of ME's ships, thank you! 
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Glad to hear you like it :)
I'd love to return to this universe and do some other ships as well, so perhaps I will try something soon.
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this one's really nice.
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so cool ;;_;
how long you take to get this piece done?
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Thanks :) Usually it's a few hours of nonstop work once I have a concept ready.
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beautifulllllllllllllllllllllllllll <3
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Very recognizable design, keep it up!:spaceship: 
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Thanks a lot!
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Very nice!This fits right into the Mass Effect style. Very nice work!
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Thanks :) It wasn't anything groundbreaking but a fun project to work on.
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I am a simple Korean. I see anything Korea related, I like. 
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