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Both as a design appraisals and as a work of art;

The ship is defiantly an improvement over the actual Imperial as the ship has its weapons far more spread out, as such it would be capable of firing all around the ship to a greater degree. the ship lacks the originals broadside turbo lasers instead having the two forward facing batteries, though supported with forward facing weapons on the front tips, this limits the ship in engaging other capital ships especially when side to side, this is however supplemented by the additional hangers and assumed additional fighter capacity, it is less specialised than the original that was dedicated anti-capital ship, but it appears as an all rounder capital ship meant for general engagement and support vessel.

The ships additional alteration that improve the ship include the ships lack of a moount for the bridge that gives a less clear target, whilst the sheilds and array are still obvious they have lower profiles and better protection. the thrusters are bigger and possibly more powerful, however they are bigger and thus easier targets. ultimately this would defiantly have served the empire better at a glance though only if other factors were of the best; hyperdrive, etc.

The art is consistent in the style and quality that is a staple of the artist, with a look that is reminiscent of 3d cinematics that is a staple of star wars games. the lighting gives the ship a dynamic look, the detailed background gives a nice setting and the lens flare adds to the ensemble. the design draws inspiration from all dark side ships, from the old republic Sith Empire, the galactic empire and the New Order. whilst I couldn't say which aspects of each were best or used here, the aesthetic all come together to create something new and yet familiar.

This is a fine piece and consistent in both the quality and style that is a staple of the artist. A marvellous addition.
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Though I will not be able to critique the technical aspect of the deviation I will, as a huge Star Wars fan, critique the feel of it.
Long story short: I love it.
It's not the usual star destroyer, it looks smaller and smoother. You can't see all the "little tiny" buildings made by weaponry, sensor stations or such but maybe they're retractable?
It looks like this ship could be used for stealth operations and its huge reactors on the back should give her the right power to bolt away when needed.
Well, I really wouldn't like meeting this lady when leaving my home planet.

Last thing: I love the lighting of the scene. It makes you wonder what is going to happen...
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:star::star::star::star-empty: Overall
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:star::star::star-empty::star-empty::star-empty: Originality
:star::star::star::star::star-half: Technique
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A great interpretation of the Star wars imperial star destroyer, while staying true to the character of the original vessels you add a whole new level of interesting functionality to this.

While I am scoring the originality of this work low, due to the fact the image is based off of star wars I would like it to be recognized that this does not hamper the beauty of this design

The mesh its self is well thought out, a masterful build with no visible impurities. As I do not know the number of polygons I can not comment on the game "friendliness"

The uv wrapping is seamless, on that I would like to applaud you, especially due to the (seemingly) complexity of the geometry.

The texture is somewhat lacking however, while what is already present is great, especially the placement of portholes (lights), When I (I would like to stress the 'I' ) look at this it feels just a tad bland. Perhaps an insignia or battle scars could rectify this issue.

The background is well made, I am going to assume that it is an equirectangular image. The size and density of the star fields is perfect. The planets placement is also quite well thought out.

The lighting is very well done, especially with the inclusion of bounce light from the planet surface. The overblown light on the ship adds to the flavor of the scene along with the subtle flare, (well placed).

It can bee seen that you have spent a lot of time on this and your commissioner should be very happy. Well done sir.
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Thank you very much for the critique! It sure could use a bit stronger textures, but some of the mapping always gets lost on rescaling and compression caused by deviantart. 
As the commissioner requested, it is looking pretty much like every ISD out there and I didn't want to make it too different, so originality was never planned :) 
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This ship looks so awesome, really really well done ☺️👍
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I like it. The shield generators are here not that easy target like the originals.
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Yep it was supposed to be a more battle oriented vessel with no weaknesses coming from elements that were added purely for style.

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I assume a big inspiration there was the Harrower Class from the Old Republic era?

The shallow design with the slightly larger wings is very reminiscent of that ship class, and I love it, great work!

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Yes, the base shape is inspired by the Harrower.

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I was about to ask the same question. Not broken- why fix it?
also fits in with the basic premise of Tarkin Doctrine- makes the class look that much more imposing.
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Yep I love that shape addition. It inspires me to mess around with a standard ISD shape a bit more.

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What class of star destroyer is it?
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It's an original Galleon Class. I don't remember having any specific names or info on the ship before the pic was made.

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I love the name "War Galleon"
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Yep, not even trying to hide that it's not a peace keeping vessel :)
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I would fly it!
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The Empire Destroyer in Star Wars?
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doesn't look Imperial to me- looks like the same era as the Sith Harrower class Dreadnought.…
Works very well regardless.
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Great work I like the design! Good Work dude!
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Thanks a lot!
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Me at the controls: "Hey!  Any idea where the cruise control is?"
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Darth Vader will be in his chamber-trying to keep in his excitement.
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