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Zenon - reference sheet

By Adamiro
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Zenon (or Zen as nickname) - the black-grey-white cat. He's the most clever person of the pack. He's a lazy, so sometimes he's abusing his friends and they do something instead him, but Rob always try to stop it. Zen likes to brag about himself. But he's the master of martial arts. Zen is the best fighter in the city and often rescues their friends in danger.

Distinguishing marks:

Two little white spots near his eyes
* The bandage on his tail and holes in his right ear


* Jan - younger brother
Benek - cousin

He likes:

* Being lazy
* Travelling around the city
* Ridiculing his opponents
* His brother's presence (even if he doesn't tell loudly about it)
* His friends
* Bragging himself
* Risk
* Warmth of the sunlight on his fur

He dislikes:

* Being ignored
* Sweet things
* Betrayal
* Moisture
* Stupid rules
* Cowards

More information: soon...

Look also:

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Awesome drawings with Zen and others made by you :hug: :…

Zenon © me
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He's adorable! I wanna draw him now too! :D
Adamiro's avatar
Really? Yay! :huggle: Thank you! You're too kind...
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Yes! Heheh you're welcome! :D I'll definitely draw this guy when I got time!
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The coolest anthro form of the bunch for sure! He looks so badass.

Only one thing I wanted to point out: I'm pretty sure you got it but the ring on its ear should have been replicated in the normal version or not at all. It's quite confusing for who sees Zen the first time (then I don't know maybe you did that on purpose :P)
Adamiro's avatar
Thanks. I think that feral character with ring in ear looks... weird :XD: But in anthro version it's okay. That's why he has ring only in anthro version. :)
MRace2010rebirth's avatar
I see, so that's an exclusive for his anthro version then x3
Adamiro's avatar
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Wow! I like both forms a lot :D
Adamiro's avatar
Glad to hear it :D
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Ahhh, he is so cool :D I like his anthro-form alot :)
Adamiro's avatar
Really? Thank you! :dummy:
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