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Animal Farm

This is an Animal Farm cover I did for Jon Foster's cover illustration class at RISD. This is probably as raw, intense, and creepy my work can get; while it's really not so bad, it doesn't exactly fit with my usual style. I thought this piece was a good step for me in terms of symbolic color, scale of elements, and expression.
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Jul 22, 2007, 1:58:39 AM
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Just finished the book last year (haha so long ago). DICTATORSHIP AT ITS FINEST

I'd love to use this for a community flyer to promote voting.

Solomon79's avatar

Pigs become what once they wanted to destroy... happy ending never arrived

C-blaze21's avatar
Oh the horror.
I finished the graphic novel and it was deep. 
Fiction-Art-Author's avatar
What a coincidence. I just finished the Graphic Novel myself. And God, the way it ended.
C-blaze21's avatar
Shocker right?
I heard the movie expanded on that. 
Fiction-Art-Author's avatar
I've seen the 1954 animated version, and the 1999 Live-Action version, and they all ended differently.
C-blaze21's avatar
Good to know,
I haven't seen either of them yet. 
I'll be sure to look them up sometime. 
Fiction-Art-Author's avatar
I think my favorite ending would have to be the Animated version. :)
HorseLover210's avatar
This is so powerful!! Clap 
Nathanisreal's avatar
Perfect timing, I am actually reading Animal Farm now!
loflover's avatar
Is the horse Boxer I loved him...
Rumiflan's avatar
In the end, pigs became just like humans they originally despised.
moonlight-goose's avatar
This captures so much of the book! It's amazing!Clap 
ronkedoor's avatar
awesome piece , fits so well with the story.
HeyHoPanda's avatar
...I didn't want to sleep anyway... This is an awesome piece of work! X3
Snakeman2013's avatar
And activate the nightmares!
Aloodonguy67's avatar
This makes so much so sense!!!
SpicyMonky's avatar
this is my favorite story I've ever read.
AmrasFelagund's avatar
Very intense colourisation work there. Really makes me want to buy a copy of this book.
Aisheyru-Fox's avatar
That was a very intense story and your picture captures that perfectly. Very well done. :D
FlutinoCockatiel's avatar
lol that was an...interesting...story xD
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