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Late last night, a lone gunman went on a killing spree in a movie theatre in Aurora, Colorado.  

At least 12 people were murdered, and many more were wounded; some of them are in critical condition.

If you are a spiritual person, please say a prayer for the dead, the dying, and those living touched by this tragedy.

If you are not a spiritual person, any happy thoughts or kind gestures would surely be appreciated.

Please refrain from any speculation, politicization, rumor-mongering, conclusion-jumping, finger-pointing, and other similarly inappropriate behavior for just a little while, if possible.  It hasn't even been 12 hours since the tragedy took place, and that sort of unproductive demagoguery is already being handled nicely by the 24-hour news venues.

Real tragedies like this happen, all over the world, and our responsibility to our fellow man is to render aid & support, be it large or small, in times of crisis.
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Well, the word is out: DC Comics is returning to the world of WATCHMEN!  And I am drawing all four issues of the DOCTOR MANHATTAN miniseries.  First sign of the Apocalypse?  You bet!

It's great to finally be able to talk about this project.  I signed on AGES ago, and have kept mum about it, until now!

WATCHMEN is arguably the greatest superhero comic ever produced, and without a doubt my absolute favorite.  Being allowed to draw these amazing characters isn't actually a dream come true: I never thought something like this would happen.  I'm pretty nervous, but having fun so far.

My history with WATCHMEN goes way back.  In 1986 I was working at Thunder Road Comics in Burlington, New Jersey, and I sold every issue of WATCHMEN as they came out.  It was a pretty amazing time: THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS was also shipping, so superhero comics were enjoying a banner year.  The mullets, parachute pants, and New Coke made up for it, though.  YIKES.

Several years back, I was one of the first artists to contribute designs to Zack Snyder's film adaption of WATCHMEN.  I mean, I only worked on the film for, like, eight minutes, but I cast a long shadow!  Did you like Silk Spectre in latex?  That was ALL ME.  That's right - I'm preening!

So, you see, I have some strange sort of orbital relationship to WATCHMEN.  I feel pretty honored to be working it.  I'm looking forward to drawing all these characters.  Yes, DOCTOR MANHATTAN is an unusual choice to assign me to, but I'm assured that DC has a plan!  Maybe they believe that, since I'm well-associated with drawing female anatomy, I'm qualified to handle blue penises.  Wait... that doesn't sound right...

I love Alan Moore's canon of work, with special affection for MIRACLEMAN, THE LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMEN, and most definitely WATCHMEN.  I hope to do some sort of justice to Dave Gibbon's brilliant art: he's one of the all time great illustrators ever to work in the field of comics, and I have a serious case of "My LAST boyfriend was a porn star!" performance anxiety when it comes to bringing his beloved characters to life.  I've only met Dave twice: he was drunk both times, and holding an award both times as well (I'd celebrate, too, if I won awards).  I hope that if I get to see him again, we'll manage a congenial hat trick of insobriety, and that he doesn't go all 'soccer hooligan' on my ass.  "Those are MY characters, you apocalyptically colonial wanker!!"

I'm fairly stoked to be working with the fabulous J.M. Straczynksi.  I loved his THOR run, especially.  The man knows how to craft amazing tales, so I feel like you & I are in good hands.

So!  I should get back to drawing Dr. Osterman, in all his phosphorescent azure glory: this miniseries has to ship in summer 2012, and no one will ever accuse me of being fast.

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Happy Holidays

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In case the next few days turn into a mad flurry of holiday activity, I wanted to wish all of you the very happiest of  holidays, whatever the faith gives you comfort and solace.

I greatly appreciate all the kind, wonderful & enthusiastic folks out there who are always quick with a kind word, an encouraging thought, or helpful bit of criticism.  I hope you all have a pleasant & happy holiday season, and a wonderful new year.  Please take care of yourselves, those you care for, and let them take care of you in return.  And thank you again for taking an interest in my ongoing attempts to better myself as an illustrator.

Not to leave anyone out: to all the time-wasting trolls, anonymous assholes, smartasses, and societal misanthropes... please go to hell and smoke a turd once there.

But have a very happy holiday season first.

Best wishes,

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Sheepish Grin

1 min read
Hello, All.

Really, REALLY sorry to have been away for so long.  I'll not bore you with details.  Things have just been busy (with my wife's ongoing medical condition), and my DA page had become quite a time vampire.  If people write a note or message, I always felt compelled to at least READ them all, if not respond to all.  I cant do that anymore; there's not enough hours in the day.

But! I will read as many as I can, when I can, and I will post art, regardless.

Thanks to everyone who made 2011's convention season a good one.  ThoughtBubble in Leeds, UK, was a great way to round out the year.  :-)

My 2012 convention schedule will be posted shortly.  
Happy holidays, all.

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I'M Back!

2 min read
Sorry I've been gone so long!

Between doing covers for UNCHARTED, BATGIRL, and FAIREST, eBay auction commissions, and life as we know it (please include the nightmare that is San Diego Comic-Con, all I've been managing to do online is the occasional Tweet.  I'll try to be better.  And I'll post more art in the next few days...

Thank you all for the kind notes and messages; it really helps me get through the rough spots.

The absolute BEST thing that's ever happened to me at a San Diego happened this year: I met Matt Smith & Karen Gillan!  Yup, I met the Doctor and Amelia Pond.  Best day EVAR.

Working in UNCHARTED #2 and BATGIRL #4 right now.  I love 'em, but I gotta say, FAIREST is probably my favorite assignment now.  FAIREST #1 ships sometime in early 2012, so keep your eyes peeled!



Also, please don't forget to grab a Cosplay For A Cause calendar

Some of the loveliest ladies in cosplay have joined forces to help with disaster relief in Japan. Check out the site, order a calendar, and help a good cause. Also, the gals make 2012 pretty easy in the eyes!


My 2011 convention schedule, as it stands:

March 4 - 6........................Emerald City ComicCon, Seattle
March 18 - 20....................C2E2, Chicago
April 1 - 3..........................WonderCon, San Francisco
April 30 - May 1............... Boston ComicCon, Boston
May 21 - 22.......................Big Wow Con, San Jose, CA
June 3 - 5..........................Heroes Con, Charlotte
July 20 - 24.......................San Diego ComicCon, San Diego
August 20-21.....................Baltimore Comic Con, Baltimore
September 20something.....Paris gallery show -CANCELLED
October 13-16...................NYCC, New York City
November 18-20...............Thought Bubble, Leeds, UK
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