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Zatanna 11 Detail

Year: 2011
Client: DC Comics
Media: PITT Pen on Strathmore Drawing paper, then colored with Adobe Photoshop CS2.

My first completed assignment of 2011! Zatanna is fun to draw, I tell ya. I'll post the rest of her in a little while; I just like how cropping it looks.

It's a pretty simple cover, nothing fancy this time around. It started life as an inventory cover, and was quickly called into action when a cover was needed!

Looking forward to doing some more complicated covers with this gal.
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Your work is amazing i love the faces i want more of Zatanna please and she hulk mmmmmm and wonder woman there are my favorites
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not a fan of Zattana but I love the work!
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Wonderful inking there; the way the light switches from below to above when we get up to the hat really makes it work somehow. : o
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wow i just can say wow
breathtaking as always hope this one becomes a statue along with the other dc cover girls(hey wonderwoman has two in the line why not z?)btw just got the poison ivy one this week ...beautiful!im running out of room.cant wait for the next two but i raeally cant wait for hawkgirl.
The lighting on this piece is incredible! You could crop it as a portrait encompassing nothing more than the area from her hat down to her boutonniere and it'd still work.

It reminds me of one of the reasons why I love your work. You seem to execute all of your ideas with 100% commitment. It's the best way that this idea could possibly be done, every time.
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Adam Hughes, i dont have words to say how your art is awesome
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I think the right way to write it its Жaтанна if is meant to be russian (cirilic)
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I think the right way to write it is Жатанна if it meant to be russian
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you inspire me
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I just luv this character
gorgeous, great color
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Love that dramatic under-lighting; it really gives this piece an "on-stage" feel.
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Love your work Adam :) I look forward to seeing the new Zantanna series in Australia :)
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This would look great as a wallpaper. Any chance for a higher res pic?
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Absolutely gorgeous. Is that a scanned texture warped over her corset?

I know you mostly do covers, but are there any Zatanna interiors in the works? (That would be RAD)
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It's a scanned texture, but it's one I drew. I drew out a Damask Rose brocade pattern on a separate piece of paper, and then scanned it to use as a mask.
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Is it just me or does this not remind you of Janet Jackson a little?

Love it, as always!! :D
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Sweet! Great news that you have this cover run Adam!
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