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Someone just sent me a note asking "WHAT ARE YOU WORKING ON RIGHT NOW!"

Well, when someone 'asks' you a question in ALL CAPS and with an exclamation mark instead of a question mark, what can you do except take a screen capture of your desktop while you are working.

If you are the person who sent me said imperative request... here you go.

Hit Caps Lock off, and try some de-caf.

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ganstyleHobbyist Digital Artist
Amazing artwork !
ktf-fang mentioned something about the screen ; May I ask what is the screen size ?
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great colors, so realistic, wow
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What strikes me the most about Adam Hughes style is how well the painterly realism of the skin tones goes with the simplified hair rendition. I think the principle is that if you focus on the overall dynamics of the locks, you don't need to draw every single strain to achieve a good effect. Hughes can do it using just two tones, which is a fantastic and extreme demonstration of the concept. Gotta study his artworks much more.
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bpramodProfessional Traditional Artist
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Verry Good...
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Jacksworld82Student Digital Artist
Haha, thats funny. What program are you using here?
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Adobe Photoshop CS2
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that looks like a huuuuuuuuuge monitor!
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HELLEKSONProfessional Artist
top notch coloring
TORAplusKITSUisLOVE's avatar
Ah! I have this book! This picture is awesome! I can't believe you did that in Photoshop.. o.o
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Haha, well he got what he wanted.

I just saw your works now and i say they're wonderful. Keep it up!
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do u have a step by step tutorial on how you work? :)
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ediprataProfessional General Artist
o.o Could you give us a tutorial on how you colored your drawings? The end result is wonderful. ^^
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Mr. Hughes,
Is there, or was there a woman(actress/Model) that has influenced your style of drawing them? The Women you draw have attributes and features, that I too, find very attractive. I guess I just wanted to know, was their a particular person that influenced you style.
I really love your work. Look forward to seeing more of it when it comes out.
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enkie06Hobbyist General Artist
WOW! Ur a GOD man! \m/
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Funny stuff. I enjoy this, the artist reading and caring about the fans statements. Good man.
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I try to respond as much as I can, time allowing.
And I care about the fans statements, when the fan composes a complete sentence (such as yours).
I'm debating whether or not to respond to a very well-thought-out and composed post, obviously a thrid draft, that simply reads "Ugh."
Well. At least there's puncuation.
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I just did a totally nerdy... "Adam Hughes wrote me dance" just fyi. :)
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The 'nerdy' was redundant... there's no cool way to do an 'Adam wrote me' dance.
There just isn't.
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KitkatinahatHobbyist Digital Artist
I really don't understand how you color. it frustrates me so :c

it's awesome btw! >A</
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I'm not sure how I do it some days, either... Ya just slap pixels around until something pretty happens.
But! Here's what I do when I am confronted by something frustraing: I think "Well.... SOMEOEN is able to do this. MANY someones. That means it's not impossible. I'll just keep working at it until I figure it out..."
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KitkatinahatHobbyist Digital Artist
Your logic astounds me!
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No, really!
If a plurality of people can do something, then, while it might be difficult, it's obviously not IMPOSSIBLE. If it's not impossible, then one should be able to dope it out with enough perserverance and work!

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