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Wonder Woman Day 2008

Here's the piece I did for this year's Wonder Woman Day charity event in Portland, OR. Just like a con sketch, just a whole day's work.

I like to use these peices as a way to experiment with different and/or better ways to draw Diana. So, if she looks different, it's because I'm constantly experimenting!
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An absolutely beautiful piece of the Amazing Amazon.This is a breathtakingly good piece.

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Wonder Woman looks beautiful here! Very well done :D
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Wow! This is fantastic Mr. Hughes!
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Wow :love: like this one! I must say: the faces you draw all have got character! That's great! :love:
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Mr. Hughes!
I'm your fan! I follow his work with the covers of star wars, cat woman, wonder woman, among others ... you are an inspiration to me!
I never thought that you will be found here!

I would ask your opinion about my gallery.
would be an honor to hear your advice.
Thank you.

ah, one more thing:
I know you produced a few sketchbooks ... where can I find them?
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Thank you very much for your kind words!

My books can be found on EBay, from me at conventions (while suppies last) and through Stuart Ng books (Google him!)
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my pleasure,mr hughes.
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Incredible work as always. Great balance of tones, the elegant flair of the lasso whisping in the background puts a lot of fluidity to the image. I am a little torn though as I feel she should be leaning a little more forward in her flight.

Though I'm no Adam Hughes so hardly an expert for the levitating/flying effect you intended. Thank you for sharing with us aspiring to reach greatness.

Very respectfully
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once again love the expression on her face and the overall feel of freedom
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Looking at any of Adams work makes me want to throw my markers away and become a weapons instructor...wait, I did that already. Hmmm, maybe I'll become a trashman now. :)
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wonderful piece
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you are SO TALENTED!!
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Beautiful! It looks perfect Black and White!
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She looks so happy and carefree among the birds! Quite a difference from her looking fierce as she combats the bad guys ;) What sort of mediums did you use for this piece?
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For me, you remain the best cartoonist for Diana, because you respect the character and never draw her like - may you excuse me for the word - a bitch. She's always beautiful, but keep her princess dignity ! That's what I like in your way of drawing her !
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Thank you very much for saying such nice things!
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I love the black and white art to this. It makes it feel classic.
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Wow. She's so pretty. :)
When is Wonder Woman day?
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Usually in the fall, October or November, in Portland, Oregon.
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Ah... I might need to draw something for that. :)
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They would greatly appreciate any and all help; it's all to support a battered women's shelter in Portland, and help ladies who are down on their luck get a fresh start.

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Ahh. Where should I send it? Or what do I need to do to help out?
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