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Wonder Woman 600

Client: DC Comics
Media: Pencil, india ink, and Adobe Photoshop CS2

This is the variant cover I did for DC Comics' WONDER WOMAN#600. DC has been getting modern artists to pay homage to classic Golden Age DC covers, and this was my attempt.
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Have you any idea how that caption on the 'original' cover could be mis-read?

I mean strip character...hmmm?
lol objectifying past and present
not an angry feminist just noticing 
wonderful work nonetheless - as per usual - :D 
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"Lets shoot the steel braclets!"
"great idea!"

other than that, awesome art :)
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Amazing Talent. Such an inspiration!!!!
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I lve how you did this. It looks incredible!
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This is all amazing. As a veteran, I only suggest that they monochromatic background doesn't include the flag which is also a focal point in the older version. Your anatomy, line work, and textures just blow me away every time. What programs do you color in?!
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your drawing is so tough that it looks so easy
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Man, you are my master!
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I love Wonder Woman
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Niiiiice job! :D It's funny looking at how good your anatomy of Wonder Woman is, and then looking at the original... That's some bizarre shit!
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Awesome, I love your work.
What a GREAT looking Wonder Woman! She's athletic, tall, powerful and intimidating .... and drop dead gorgeous as well.
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Yes! What a beautiful rendition of that classic cover! Time and time again I'm blown away by your coloring skills Mr. Hughes.
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hahaha... whi the hell drew that granny/ distorted wonder woman? :P
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That's the original debut cover for wonder woman. The one Adam drew is a homage.
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yeah, I know... :)
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Worth every penny.
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excellente adaption
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