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Wonder Woman 186

By AdamHughes
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Wonder Woman 186 cover

A blast from the past; all three Wonder ladies as they appeared at that time. I was pretty happy with how 'art nouveau' I managed to get her lasso!
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Wonder woman is invulnerable besides her brasalets?
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it would be cool if dc comic released some of the volume 2 runs of the old wonder woman comics in to a graphic novel set  so new wonder woman fans and look more in to her history and still stay with the new 52
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I notice the cover that went to press has Wonder Girl’s nipple edited out. Does this sort of editorial license happen often to you, or other artists you know? If so, is it primarily sexual or do political/social themes get adjusted as well?
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He, Hypolita should be there as well
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theEyZmasterProfessional General Artist
Beautiful work!! :heart:
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LadyLadyingtonHobbyist General Artist
I have to say this is one of my absolute favorite covers.
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NickelWithoutAPennyStudent Digital Artist
I'm not criticizing just throwing this out there. Don't you think it's weird how most female fantasy character, american and japanese, are busty? I feel we may be giving men a reason to wonder why all women don't look that way.
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It isn't any weirder than most male fantasy characters being tall, muscular, and with great hair.
Fantasy is all about glamourization and idealized imagery. Most people want their heroes and heroines to be romanticized, even in more-than-realistic way.
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NickelWithoutAPennyStudent Digital Artist
How do you stand in that light? Do you have a preference at all? I just ask because your art is wonderful and it's said that great minds think alike.
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WOE!!! CRAZY!!!! In that expression, Wonder Woman, kind of looks like me. Weird!
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Donna Troy's love
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Love the lasso!
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Pisces3FerverHobbyist Digital Artist
Your SOOooo NICE at that art you do, man xD
As i look through your gallery:

FAV here! FAV there! Everywhere a FAV!
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CacodaemoniaHobbyist Digital Artist
I'm listening to your interview on Sidebar right now... It's really amazing that you color these with a mouse. I use Corel Painter rather than Photoshop most of the time, but I would love to see your technique. :) Do you have any videos or step-by-steps of your process?
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Not yet...
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Wonderful Woman!!!:)
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TheScreamKingHobbyist General Artist
Your freakin amazing. You should do another Donna Troy one.
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chamakosoProfessional Digital Artist
a real classic
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Love it as always! Stellar cover of the three, but this is nothing against your work but Cassie (WG) works my last nerve!

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Oh, I am hearing you on FM, sister. Cassie's a drag, a well-known one.
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rainygamiProfessional Digital Artist
como me gusta esta portada
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Variable-Edge Digital Artist
Undoubtedly one of my favorite covers, ever! The part I like most is how the three emerge from the black like that. I'd like to see the original b/w version too, if you haven't uploaded it by the time I post this! :D
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DauntedNotHobbyist General Artist
nice outfits, I like the T-shirt on the right
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