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Wonder Woman 173 cover

Wonder Woman 173 cover.

This one was allllll WORK. Thanks to Alex Ross andf his brilliant design for Diana's KINGDOM COME armor.

The cover depicts Diana leading a charge of parademons from Apokolips into battle.

This piece shows one of the basics of composition and color theory, I think.... whatever your key element is, the one thing that is THE most important part of your piece, it can help you figure out what the hell to do with the rest of the piece. Since Alex's armor is bright and golden, I figgered that the parademons should be dark, purple, and flat.
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This needs to be paladin armor for World of Warcraft!! Suggest! LOL I absolutely love your art to death. I really wish you had tutorials on lady parts like boobs, lips, hair though. :)
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excellent job , especially like the head gear- amplifies her fierceness.
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Very artistic and beautiful detail. Superb job:handshake:
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my eyes this is too AWESOME!
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I can deffinatly say that this is one of my FAVOURITE Wonder Woman images. Ever since I first saw the cover I was blown away. I think it truly captures the beauty,strength and power of the amazon princess.
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Thank you very much!
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wow. How beautiful.
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i absolutely love the technique used in this artwork, The glare of her armor is inspiring the expression on her face amazing. I am in awe as always with your works.
hawkeye's avatar
Wow thats kind of insane, the amount of work I mean. ;)
timflanagan's avatar
haha, A totally classic Lindze face.
Sektor2814's avatar
Personally, after bringing that God-awful Red Robin costume into the mainstream DCU, I think that what happened in Kingdom Come should STAY in Kingdom Come. However, I can make a clear exception for this one, partially because I thought Hippolyta had an outfit just like this one in the main DCU, and partially because it's awesome (hey, you can never go wrong with a gilded Wonder Woman leading a bunch of alien monsters into battle, though that does raise all sorts of eyebrows.... [link] ).
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one of my favorite WW covers by you; I love the color theory on this one and the composition.
MagicFlavoredCrayon's avatar
Well all that work really paid off... This is amazing :O

I love the expression!
marron's avatar
I never get tired of staring at other women's boobs. Especially when they're shiny!
AdamHughes's avatar
Shiny boobs kinda bring the sun right out, no?
abeautifulhaze's avatar
I don't know dude...calm me weird, crazy, annoying whatever....but I have never had any piece of art move me the way that this picture is.

There is something mystical about it.

I'm hypnotized.
abeautifulhaze's avatar
Are there any books or references on color theory that you can recommend?

This cover is simply amazing to me. I need to learn more.
AdamHughes's avatar
For the life of me.... no. I learned what little I know from other artists' work. If I find out any, I'll post them ASAP!
abeautifulhaze's avatar
LOL. I figured a cover this good had to be the result of some type of hidden knowledge. Like the Holy Grail for artists or some thing. :reading:

Guess i'll just continue to observe your work and take notes then.
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Wow! That is Fabulous and Fierce!
Love it! Love your work!
You draw Diana the BEST out EVERYONE!!! :)
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Fabulous work.

By the way whats the best way to approach metallic surfaces with pencil and ink?
AdamHughes's avatar
For ME, it's about being BOLD. The more black and white contrast, the shinier the metallics will look. And if you keep the greatest contrast on your figure in the metallics (meaning, the greatest areas of blacks versus whites), the metal bits will seem realy shiny by comarison.

If you don't go bold, then your metallics wiull have the quality of satin or brushed aluminum. I know, I made the mistake a thousand times.

Hope that helps!

chrisrichmond's avatar
yes it does, thanks alot!
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