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The Many Faces of Selina Kyle

I miss drawing Selina. It sure was fun with her; lots of different moods. She's the quintessential femme fatale.

And YES, I'm aware the she resembles Audrey Hepburn, LOL.

My personal inspiration for Selina Kyle is Ms. Hepburn, circa 1954-57. My favorite face ever.

My personal inspirational cocktail for Catwoman is:

70% young Audrey Hepburn

20% Liz Taylor from CAT ON A HOT TIN ROOF

10% Trinity from the first MATRIX film

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s-u-m-m-e-r-s's avatar
the best covers EVER!!! :D
Serephinafae's avatar
This design has always been one of my favorites, if not my very favorite, for Selina Kyle. She is simply so beautiful in this guise. 
Dkaique's avatar
xthesundancekidx's avatar
4th on top row is the best
dvaus's avatar
Wow! Wow Wow!!! You gave a real rush of joy with this one...amazing!
Fawnish's avatar
That's awesome, I see the resemblence! Now I know exactly the right formula for Selina! These are so intense
CATWOMANU's avatar
In the bottom one with the blood she looks like Winona Ryder.
StarMarine's avatar
I love Catwoman, I love Audrey Hepburn and I love your art! You definitely defined her looks!
Mad-Maven's avatar
They are all beautiful
chambernaut's avatar
amazing. my favorite. outstanding. breathtaking. there just aren't enough of the right words. I can see all of your inspirations in every drawing. These are just so cool.
Huntan-Peck's avatar
Such a marvelous array of facial expression, and so very well rendered! Your personal inspirations in creating this character shows that you have great taste as well.
theflamingskull's avatar
Wow... Greatly inspiring work!
shadowplayacting's avatar
The woman Batman fell in love with? This is exactly what she would look like. Witty, sultry, and fierce. Amazing!
KittyCyanide's avatar
Absolutely stunning mix (of course) and beautiful style. Yours, not the ladies'. Though they had serious style.
hanzo66's avatar
I do admire how you make her look almost photo-realistic without crossing into the Uncanny Valley. Impressive.
Missetatkissin's avatar
nice combo of three wunderful women....i like it!
NicholaiKHAN's avatar
I have to say+ brilliant! I tip my hat to you Sir! this is inspiring work.
AdamHughes's avatar
Thank you very much!
Kadaj777's avatar
Your artwork is amazing!!I did some fan art inspired by your work [link]
MiraVixen007's avatar
Absolutely incredible! I especially love 1st panel 2nd row, such intensity!
Kerevon's avatar
Yup, verah nice. Wondering how well Anne Hathaway will do in this role....
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