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Stan Lee's Catwoman Cover

By AdamHughes
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Last upload today, then back to the colors on the final CATWOMAN cover, #82.

I upload this because I've been accused, on more than one occassion, of digitally inserting a photo for the background on this one, instead of drawing it.

Pardon "mon francaise", but a polite smiley-faced emoticon FUCK YOU to such folk. I spent 4 whole days working out the fish-eye three-point perspective on this one, penciling, and inking JUST THE BACKGROUND. I worked my man-sized ass off. Yes, I look at pictures of cities to get the architecture right, to see how the lights of nighttime windows make strange shapes. But that's just to get the drawing RIGHT, not to cut any corners.
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"It has to be a photo"
Yeah and aliens had to build the pyramids too...
This rocks to eleven!
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beautifully executed-"smiley-face " included
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You go to all that time and effort for the background, then you plonk a beautiful woman front and centre so we never notice it?
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It's like, Cat-Deathstrike.
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They are just hatin because of your artist swag. Keep up the work, you are AMAZING
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they are just hatin because of your artist swag. keep up the work. you are AMAZING
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Fantastic job!
I featured this in a WOW blog post about Catwoman
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You are Amazing SCREW the haters ! Every ounce of effort and hour pays off with your amazing results .. you do the impossible and their small brains have to try an rationalize how such beauty was created - oh he cheated . Yeah right - LOVE YOUR WORK IN AWE !
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soon as i saw it, i wondered about the back ground- it's like the time that i take on a painting
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this pic, looks so much different with the colors or letterings. still awsome. i think my favorite out of the stan lee covers you did was wonder women, green lantern, aquaman and superman.
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correction: "without colors"
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Back in the day I had the opportunity to buy the entire 'Stan Lee does DC' series for $5. To this day I consider not buying it to be one of the dumbest things I ever did...
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atzalanProfessional General Artist
I have the honor to own this comic!
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VeleveteenMothStudent Traditional Artist
This is by far one of the most impressive inked pictures I've seen, and I am in complete awe. The detail achieved in this piece is incredible, and the shapes are all clear and well-defined, not confusing or overwhelming at all. I greatly admire your work!
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Master-FutonProfessional General Artist
Man, I don't even want to think of how much distance there was from the paper to the vanishing points, kick ass work as always.
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Actually, because it was such a wide-angle "fish-eye" shot, the vanishing points were pretty close!
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Master-FutonProfessional General Artist
Cool, I'll have to try that sometime.
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beautiful!! love the hands!
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PhilWiesner Digital Artist
You sir, have become one of my heroes with this.
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leo-darkheartProfessional General Artist
o_O Sir this is quite amazing. I enjoy her costume too it's fantastic. Especially upt top it reminds moe of the 60's show Catwoman. Without the face mask that is. I absolutely love the claws! ^_^

I love how photo realiztic your drawing is. GotDamn that must have been taxing to get perfect. I want to do comics eventually. My own hopefully. It's so inspiring to see this stuff from the artists hand on here. Wow, just wow.
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DarkerEveProfessional Digital Artist
Why are people like that, who doubt of talented people?, but doubt of you, what a looser was that, great work with this one it look you really worked like a bull in this background and end amazing, i like this cover is one of my favorites.
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jakeusmaximusHobbyist General Artist
hahahah you should take it as a compliment that your drawing looks like a photograph :) it is amazing by the way 4 days well spent :)
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Silent--Echo Digital Artist
This is exquisite.
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