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Serenity: Those Left Behind

This is the cover I did for the hardcover trade paperback collection of Dark Horse Comic's first SERENITY comic-book miniseries, based on Joss Whedon's tv show & movie.

Yet another digital colorization of a gray tonal drawing.

18" X 27" on sketchbook/pad paper; pencil, ink, marker, white paint, Berol Prismacolor pencil, and then Photoshop CS2.

FIREFLY was the bestest, shiniest tv show. Ever.

At the very least, it was my favorite.
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Another one to add to my screensaver...
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I adore your art-style, especially with the Firefly/Serenity characters.:)
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I've watched this show over and over and I'm always saddened as I draw towards the end of the season bc I now the inevitable end is near. To see beautiful works of art like this; drawn with percision, tempered with the passion of the artist and painted with the love of the characters, I know the legend lives on. Browncoat's Forever!!!!!
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simply beautiful!
LaurentusVonSenin's avatar
Simply great work.
The Verse says tnx for making it richer by this.
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Adam, as a huge fan of your artwork, I'd have to say that you out did yourself on this one. I can't quite pinpoint what did it for me, but I'd say that this actually tops your "Catwoman" covers and I wasn't sure that was possible. I love it.
PhoenixDawnCreations's avatar
......Two of my favorite things (your artwork and Firefly) just collided in my brain, and I think I need to sit down and ride the wave of awesome before I try operating heavy machinery. Thank you for being such an incredible artist, and for loving awesome shows!
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I would just like to say that I second that!
ArvenaPeredhel's avatar
Thanks for still flying.
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Holy Crap, how did I not know you did this?! I loved the cover for this comic, you did a marvelous job. :)
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I also bought this comic just last weekend. I miss firefly so so much. It will always be my favourite show <3

This has such beautiful colours and atmosphere. ^__^
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Nooooooooo... YOU did THIS???

[Shoots self in temple out of sheer elation]
WeakenedAngel's avatar
My god.. It's... Beautiful :happycry:
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Awesome! This is great. But I believe the proper word is "Shiny!" :D
Khoufu's avatar
I got that book in hardback for my birthday last summer! It was interesting. Firefly definitely had some of the most interesting and original writing.
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aghbraggn bragughbra !!! braaaahahahagha....
There. Think I made my point.
Gorgeous work.
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This is AWESOME!! I love the colours and the backlight and the weapon firing is amazing!
Petrichor14's avatar
i have this! Whenever I get bored in class I take it out and try to redraw the picture........

Not NEARLY as good!
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I got an Article of Image FX and I just wanna say you have amazing work.
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It definitely was the shiniest! And this piece is awesome. :heart:
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the best everr
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Just watched the whole series on Netflix. You can call me a latecomer, bandwagon-jumper, and now massive fan. Then I watched Serenity.... then I may have cried a little.... don't judge me.

Beautiful work, great job on the likeness. Jayne's hat truly shows a man who fears nothing.
TrufflesAvocado's avatar
That is my favorite hat of Jane's!
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