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Scarlet Witch

Scarlet Witch litho/print done for Upper Deck. Wanda's always been one of my all-time favorite Marvel heroines; I was really happy to do this piece. The original pen & ink art was ENORMOUS. I just drew the high holy CRAP outta that Sentinel. I think this one turned out OK.
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I love Scarlet witch :)
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Scarlet's like... i'm the f*ckin' Nexus of Beign, deal with it, ^^! I TRULY LOVE SCARLET WITCH, a.k.a. Wanda, ^^!!
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it's all so amazing don't know where to start. the complexity in the cape and head and the negative space in the legs are like a yin & yang.
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Even as a thumbnail, i could see this as yours. Kudos!
Ughhhh this has always been one of my favorite pieces in comics, hands down. I have longed to see a higher res version of it, or covet it as a beautiful poster. Sigh
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very very nice
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Woah Cool! :happybounce: Nice work! =D =D :worship:
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I've always been a fan of the magic users in comics than the traditional heroes and villains.
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Oh i agree....Wanda Maximoff has always fascinated me as a character!....I love how they connected her powers a sort of opposite of the phoenix force in the Avengers VS Xmen series. Both Wanda and Hope (along with Rachel and Jean Grey) are my very fave really do them justice with your beautiful work Adam.....Bravo sir! <3
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Beautfiul, absolutely beautiful. So, are you pumped up for the new X-Men film that might feature such a scene as your rendition of Scarlett and Sentinel, Adam? Please, keep up the great work. Love you, cheers.
How you treated the legs or not treated them as it were is brilliant.
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Stunning, beautiful posture and interesting portrayal. I like how she mereges within the background of that giant robotic figure and how suave and confident she appears!
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Man... you always impress. This is damn cool composition
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One of the best on the internet. The thing about Wanda is she is powerful but her presence is flowing and fragile and this really captures it. My ONLY complaint is that it is not large enough for a wallpaper.
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Sorry, If I make stuff large enough for wallpapers, some people make prints of them & sell them behind my back.

Thanks for your kind words.
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This looks amazing! Scarlet Witch is one of my favourites too!
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Wow sooo pretty - and at the same time sooo coool!
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Would love to see a higher res version of this just to see the background elements in more detail.
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Your version of Scarlet Witch is awesome-sauce Mr Hughes!!!
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Just jaw dropping CLASSIC!...
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Damn the twat for M-day :P
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